Deadline: 15/04/2019

Vanha Paukku Artist Residency Open Call for June 2019

Join our Creative Community located in beautiful and peaceful surroundings!

The Vanha Paukku artist residency program offers you an opportunity to takea break from busy everyday life. A place where you are able to focus oncreating new art, plan and practise your project or simply relax in orderto get more creative. We take pride in our spacious and easy living in apeaceful and safe neighborhood surrounded by nature. Our residency programoffers you a perfect place to make art with time and devotion and enjoy thecreative and inspiring environment with wonderful people.

We are located in Western Finland in a small rural town called Lapua. Ourresidency is located in the charming and inspiring Art and Culture CentreVanha Paukku, an old ammunition factory unique both by its surroundings aswell by its history. The Cultural Centre houses museums, art galleries, anart school, a community school, a music institute, the town library andseveral businesses.

Our artist residency program offers two private apartments about 400 metersfrom the Cultural Centre and a workspace in the shared studio of theCreative Community in the heart of the Culture Centre. The city has perfecttrain connections to the bigger northern (Oulu and Rovaniemi) and southern(Tampere and Helsinki) cities of Finland.

We have one apartment available in June 2019.


Applicants must apply by email with an open application.

The applicants must submit:

• an artist bio and resume

• a proposal letter

• the preferred time for the residency

• samples of their work.

Residents are selected by our committee. All the applicants will beinformed personally.
The applications can be sent to:
The deadline to send the applications to apply for June in our residencyis 15th of April.


Our residency includes two apartments located about 400 meters from theCultural Centre.

Our bigger apartment has a private bedroom and a living room, both withdouble beds(perfect for families or two individual artists sharing one apartment), awashing machine anda small balcony. The smaller apartment has a big sauna and a big bedroom /living room with a double bed. Both apartments have a fully equippedkitchen, a shower and a toilet.

The work space is located at Vanha Paukku Creative Community at theCultural CentreVanha Paukku. The Creative Community has two floors and over 200 squaremeters workspace for artists and creative people. Artists have 24-hour access to thework space.

We also provide access to a dark room, a film scanner and a computer forthe artists touse. It is also possible for our artists to use some spaces, studios andequipment in thelocal schools if asked for in advance.

The fee for one month is 400,00€ / artist. If two artists are willing toshare an apartment thecost is in total 600,00€. The fees and spaces for bigger groups than twothat are willing toshare the bigger apartment will be discussed on a case-to-case basis bycontacting theresidency. Artists also must self-fund travel, equipment and food. We donot offer grants,stipends or other economical support.

We have no actual expectations towards the artist. We appreciate allartists beingdifferent so usually we ask our artists to present themselves and theirwork to the localcommunity (e.g. art school students, local school group). As our artist inresidence it ispossible to teach a public workshop or perform in one of the CulturalCentre's events.

None of the above is mandatory and we will discuss this matter with everyartistpersonally.

We offer different lengths of residencies from one week up to six months.Artists willing tostay for one month or longer are our priority.

Vanha Paukku Artist Residency Open Call for June 2019

Vanha Paukku Artist Residency Open Call for June 2019


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