Deadline: 15/05/2019

Art and Science

Exploring scientific issues through art. Projects revolving around science and ethics.

Description of residency program
Scientific research has always borne humanity’s greatest hopes and greatest perils. Every major discovery opens the doors to a world of new possibilities, and it is essential to evaluate them collectively. Yet a significant lack of knowledge about scientific issues prevails. Debates about eugenics, patenting living things, and risk-evaluation protocols relating to applications in the agro-food, medical and military industries are mainly confined to the scientific press. The consequences of this absence are a deep distrust of scientific institutions and a more or less rational fear. Through artistic creation, is it possible to widen the discussion and bring these issues into the collective consciousness?

Duration of residency
3 or 6 months

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All disciplines, no work equipment, networking assistance.

Single room


Fees and support
grant of CHF 1’200 per month for the duration of the stay.

Expectations towards the artist
socialbillity, public presentation, cleaning

Application information

Photo copyright: Meret Lotte Effinger

Art and Science

Art and Science


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