Deadline: 15/05/2019

Art and Histories

Giving form to archives. Research linked to the archives of international organisations.

Description of residency program
The archives of international organisations are part of the collective memory. These archives constitute a formal record made up of reports, official letters and documentary images that contain no less than millions of human stories. Through the eyes of artists, the idea is to transform this material and give it a new dimension. 

Applications should propose projects in which the archives of international organisations are the main resources used. Examples of accessible archives are those of the UNHCR, UN, ILO, ICRC, IFRC, and WHO. Applicants can also propose other international organisations or NGOs based in Geneva.

Duration of residency
3 or 6 months

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All disciplines, no work equipment, networking assistance.

Single room


Fees and support
Grant of CHF 1’200 per month for the duration of the stay.

Expectations towards the artist
socialbillity, public presentation, cleaning.

Application information

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Art and Histories

Art and Histories


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