Deadline: 08/05/2019

Banff Musicians in Residence | Early Fall 2019

This self-directed residency is an opportunity for musicians of all genres to work on their projects

This program provides space and focused time for musicians of all genres to concentrate on artistic development while working on projects that can be either individually or group/ensemble based. You may be working in your established genre(s), or exploring a new one.

In addition to having the freedom to structure your time around the needs of your project, you will receive artistic inspiration and career advice from well-established faculty (visiting artists) who will be in residence at intervals throughout the program. The visiting artists come from all musical backgrounds, therefore over six weeks, participants will have access to a range of artistic influences.  

Those interested in additional professional development can apply for the role of Artistic Associate and act as the liaison between faculty and musicians for the program's duration. An individual of exceptional musical ability and maturity will be offered this unique opportunity to be involved in the delivery and event curation of the Banff Musicians in Residence program. The Artistic Associate will liaise between visiting artists and resident musicians as well as Music programming and production staff.  

What does the program offer?
A different visiting artist is brought in each week to assist and mentor program participants. Visiting artists are available four to five hours per day for group and one-on-one consultations. The opportunities for interaction and collaboration have the potential to produce outstanding, creative results.  Performance and recording opportunities are also available.

A personal studio space to work from is provided and available 24 hours a day. Production spaces are shared among all participants in the residency.      Scholarship is available.

Who should apply?
Open to applicants worldwide, this residency is an opportunity to create without the daily stresses of life.  The program is ideal for individual musicians, ensembles, bands, composers, and music researchers to spend focused time working on a specific project; creating new works; preparing for concerts, auditions or competitions; or exploring and researching innovative ideas. 

Participants should be comfortable working autonomously in an unstructured environment to benefit the most from the program. Musicians at all levels are encouraged to apply.

The Artistic Associate may come from any musical background, but will have a wide-ranging knowledge and interest in a variety of musical genres. You must apply with a specific project and will be asked to submit a letter of intent specifically for the Artistic Associate role at the end of the application process.  A phone interview will be scheduled for the shortlisted candidates. 

What's Included

  • Single or Shared Room

  • Regular Meal Plan

  • Studio Space

  • Showcase Your Work

  • Gym Membership

  • Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives

  • Box Office Discounts

  • Participant Resources

Fees & Financial Assistance

  • Daily Rate (Single Room): $163.48+GST*
  • Daily Rate with Financial Aid (Single Room): $92.98+GST

  • Daily Rate (Shared Room): $134.67+GST*

  • Daily Rate with Financial Aid (Shared Room): $64.17+GST

  • Artistic Associate Program Fee (Single Room): $6 632.18+GST**

  • Artistic Associate Program Fee with Financial Aid (Single Room): $0.00

Application Fees: $65 for individuals or groups. Individual group members must pay an additional registration fee of $35 on acceptance.

*Financial Aid up to 100% is available to cover tuition (meal plans and accommodations are not eligible).

If you would like to be considered, please complete the Financial Aid section when uploading your supporting materials to SlideRoom.

**The Artistic Associate will be offered a full scholarship to attend the program (tuition, room, and board) as well as a living allowance and travel assistance.

Application Deadline: May 08, 2019
Dates: September 16 - October 18, 2019
Apply Online
  • Financial assistance
  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Project proposal
  • Recordings
  • Resource request
  • Artistic Associates only

Banff Musicians in Residence | Early Fall 2019

Banff Musicians in Residence | Early Fall 2019


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