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2019-2020 Residencies at PINEA A.I.R. // Call for Performers

An Art Residency for research, production, and exhibitions in a coastal & artistic context.

Description of residency program
PINEA A.I.R. is an Artist in Residence Program run by the private non-profit organization Linea de Costa. PINEA A.I.R. is located in Rota, Cádiz Bay, Southern Spain.

With a successful seven years trajectory, our organization has become a reference between international artists-in-residence programs in Europe. PINEA A.I.R is a reputed and independent program in Spain, guaranteed by critics, artists and specialized press.

We aim to stimulate creativity through interaction with the local environment, artists and cultural institutions and seeks to foster cross-cultural relations between participants and the local community.

PINEA A.I.R. is a place for artistic research, production, and exhibition. An A.I.R. program for artists & curators working in site specific projects whose aim is to dynamically contribute to improve the town, by involving the community in an active way.

Duration of residency
The duration of this residency program is minimum one month and maximum two months.

Disciplines supported and technical information
ARTISTS from any nationality to develop their projects in a multidisciplinary context.

We offer to artists in residence the possibility to live in the studios: single bright studio-rooms which are provided with wi-fi, two work desks, shelves, rack and single cosy chair-bed. The accommodation is not a rental, but a free courtesy for artists in residence memberships. However, artists can opt to rent other accommodation in a different location (for example if they don't want to live and work in the same space or if they want to be accompanied by friends or relatives). Anyway, in both cases, the artist membership dues are the same.

Studio/ workspace
PINEA A.I.R. has two venues: our a.i.r. studios and our gallery & office, very close together -two minutes by walk- and strategically located between the town historic center and the local natural spaces such as beaches and dunes. PINEA STUDIOS are located on the first floor of an apartment building. We can accommodate up to four artists at our studios, and we are equipped with Wireless Internet Connection, fully equipped kitchen & bathroom and resting areas. ESPACIO PINEA GALLERY is a fully equipped small-white-cube gallery for events & exhibitions situated on the main street, very close to La Costilla Square.

Materials and equipment: reference material/library, projector & flat monitor (only for events), stationery equipment (craft knives, self-healing cutting mat, staplers, rulers, felt tip pens etc.), jigsaw, drill & basic tool set, extension cables, plastic buckets and utensils, glue gun, easels...

Fees and support
Expenses paid by the organisation:

  • Advice & practical tips
  • Single studio-room
  • Lodging
  • WiFi
  • Event (presentation and/or exhibition at the full equipped Gallery)
  • Basic tools
  • Publicity
  • Press Release
  • Catering at the event

Expenses paid by the artist:

  • Artist in residence membership subscription (600€/month).

Note: Once your application has been approved, your place will be secured on receipt of full payment of your membership dues. Travel, transport, visa, daily living expenses, medical insurance and production are not included in the dues.

Expectations towards the artist
The artists are expected to give a presentation and/or exhibit their work at our professional full equipped gallery.

Application information
Please send us the required information by e-mail to

Personal information:

- Full name / date of birth / gender

- Passport photo & Passport copy

- Language(s) spoken

- City/Country

- E-mail

- Website

Project information:
- Sample of Previous work (PDF, website, link to Dropbox or similar)

- Your CV (max one A4) and Artists Statement explaining the general motivation of your artistic research (max one A4)

- Brief Motivation Letter with the theme: “Why am I going to PINEA A.I.R. to work in a diverse, multidisciplinary context”? (max one A4)

- Project description: the artist must submit a specific project for this residency (max one A4)

- Preferred time of residency: (minimum 1 month, maximum 2 months)

Important notice: The artists in residence membership will start their projects on the 2nd calendar day of the selected month, ending on the 29th calendar day of the selected month (on the 28th calendar day on February)

Selection process
Residents will be selected by the PINEA Team based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and ability to interact positively with the community at large. If your proposal is selected, we will send you an email within not more than 10 days.

2019-2020 Residencies at PINEA A.I.R. // Call for Performers

2019-2020 Residencies at PINEA A.I.R. // Call for Performers


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