Deadline: 20/08/2019

Novak Graphics Inc. Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China Residence

5th International artist residency in Tao Hua Tan, Anhui, China at the foot of the Yellow Mountain

We have the pleasure to inform you that the 5th international artists´ retreat and painting residence workshop will take place in Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China, from October 10th thru October 28th, 2019. As decided by the organizers, about 30 artists from China, and from different countries of the world, will be invited to participate. The participating artists will be selected by the organizer´s curators:

Jeffrey Spalding, independent curator Vancouver BC Canada;
Gordan Novak owner of Novak Graphics Inc. printmaking studio and publisher from Admiral, Saskatchewan, Canada;

Liu Jian, artist, art consultant and curator from Toronto, Canada and Beijing China;
or proposed by the art-world professionals (art critics, galleries, museum curators, university lecturers...).

The invited participants are free and independent in choosing the subject, style and technique of their work to be created during their stay on the location. However, they will be proposed to make one painting on canvas size 120 cm x 120 cm and two more works on canvas size 60 cm x 60 cm, destined for the permanent collection of the organiser´s future World Art Museum at The Peach Blossom Pool Arts and Holiday Riverside Resort, Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China.

All the canvases and oil and acrylic paints, as well as special materials requested by the artists (if available in China), will be provided free of charge by the organizers, who will also cover all the expenses for full board and lodging including visits to selected historic, nature and cultural sites. The artists will also have free passes for hot springs spa. The invited artists should only pay the transportation costs from their city/country to Shanghai, China and back. The organizers will meet the artists at the meeting point in Shanghai and transport them by bus to the resort.

The residency will end with an exhibition of the works produced in Tao Hua Tan and an »open day« reception for the press, collectors, critics, gallerists and the general public. The catalogue book of the residency will be produced by the organizers and 3 copies will be mailed to each of the participating artists.

After the residency, the organizers will transport the artists to Shanghai Pudong Airport.
Gordan Novak, Project Coordinator and Curator

Novak Graphics Inc. Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China Residence

Novak Graphics Inc. Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China Residence


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