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Paris Residency for Artists and Cultural Professionals

Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the interwar period of Ecole de Paris, 1920/2020

The location of our residency, Montparnasse, is known as a historic hub for international artists, writers, performers, and musicians working and living alongside each other in this prominent artistic neighbourhood of the French capital. Montparnasse became famous as the heart of intellectual and artistic life in the 1920s, a safe haven for international artists during the interwar period of Ecole de Paris, referred to as Les Années Folles, the Roaring Twenties.

OPEN CALL: Multidisciplinary Residency Program
The year 2020 marks the 100th Anniversary of the prolific period of intercultural artistic exchange during the 1920s. To commemorate its legacy, in January 2020 L’AiR Arts at FIAP is pleased to offer a multidisciplinary residency for artists and cultural professionals dedicated to the celebration of intercultural exchange through the arts and the realization of a series of open and inclusive cultural events, including open studios, talks and concerts – each built on the generosity of the host artists and the curiosity and solidarity of international arts community.

Who should apply?
This residency is open to artists working in all art disciplines (visual arts, music, dance, theatre, and literature), as well as cultural professionals interested in local initiatives with international impact.

Residency Dates
Three-week residency for artists:
January 10 - 31

One-week residency for cultural professionals:
January 24 - 31

Program Overview and Objectives
The idea of this residency is to revisit and develop the open and creative energy of the 1920s as well as the spirit of solidarity and unity that allowed arts community to thrive in the heart of France and of Europe during this politically and socially strained war-torn period.

During the residency period, artists will exchange ideas with their fellow residents from other countries, participate in relevant professional development events and showcase their work. To encourage networking and professional development, cultural professionals from around the world are invited to join the artists, visit Paris-based arts organizations, and meet local arts professionals. In addition to professional visits and showcase events, participants will also have a chance to hear from historians and political scientists, specialized in the interwar period and current affairs, who will contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the impact of arts and culture on society.

The identities, values and visions of the future can be shared and shaped by the arts, which is a vital platform for intercultural dialogue and debate. The residency will be co-hosted together with Paris-based artists, who will serve as co-organizers and will be asked to build on this mission of unity, openness and liberty in the artistic programming of cross-cultural exchange. 

This program provides an opportunity to build lasting connections, share experiences, ideas, and meals, getting to know one another not only as colleagues but as people. The invited artists and cultural professionals from around the world will be asked to reflect on ways in which the inclusive aims of the residency are highly necessary in today’s divisive society, and will be encouraged to initiate a multiplier effect in their communities back home. ​

The goals of this residency is not only to highlight the important role that international artistic community have played in Paris during the 20th Century inter-war period, but also to support international dialogue towards an open and free society of today. Today’s Europe must remain open to the globalized world, including emerging countries, and artistic exchanges are an ideal platform to facilitate this urgent and complex goal.

​Multidisciplinary Residency includes:

- Accommodation in either a private or shared room (based on your preferences and availability)
- Flexible meal plan: buffet breakfast and either lunch or dinner of traditional french cuisine (with a to-go option)
- Welcoming and closing dinner / reception at a historic restaurant or an artistic venue
- Guided Cultural Program (professional visits, meetings and other facilitated group events co-hosted by Paris-based artists and program partners)
- Shared work space
- Meeting and showcase space (open studio, performance/stage space, sound, technical assistance)
- Access to the Centre's facilities including, plenty of common areas, cafe, an outdoor terrace and garden, laundry facility, meeting rooms and internet access (wifi) for personal laptops
- Support to encourage integration and intercultural exchange
- Exposure on L'AiR Arts website and social media
- Paris Museum Pass
- Paris metro tickets

Program fees
As a not-for-profit organisation, we are only aiming to cover the costs, already subsidized by our institutional partners. The residency fees are based on all the components, from accommodation and meals, to creative space and tailored programming. Some financial support and scholarships are available. For more information, please see our Funding page.

Three-week residency for artists:
2650 euro (based on shared accommodation between 2 – 4 participants)
2950 euro (based on private accommodation)

One-week residency for cultural professionals:
1200 euro (based on shared accommodation between 2 – 4 participants)
1350 euro (based on private accommodation)

Paris Residency for Artists and Cultural Professionals

Paris Residency for Artists and Cultural Professionals


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