Deadline: 21/07/2019

Open call in Lapua Residency, URGENT: for August-September 2019

Come and join our Creative Community in a beautiful and peaceful surrounding!

This open call is meant for dates between 1.8.-12.9.2019. We offer a little discount in the fees for this time.

The end of summer is really magical and beautiful in Finland. The days are still warm, but in the night the atmosphere changes as it gets more dark. You can sense the changing of seasons, the air gets crispier and you can see the stars again at night. In September all the trees change their color to red, yellow, orange and brown. It is truly beautiful!

So take this chance and come enjoy our peaceful residency, where you can let your creativity blossom in the middle of finnish nature!

Info about us:
Our residency programme offers its artist an opportunity to have a break from their daily lives and focus only on making new artwork. We pride ourselves with space, easy living, peace and quiet, clean nature and safety. Our residency programme offers its artist a perfect place to make art with time and devotion and enjoy the creative and inspiring environment and its wonderful people.

We are located in Lapua, Western Finland, a small rural town where you can enjoy the clean air and surrounding nature, solitude in a quiet and beautiful soundscape.

Our residency is located in the very charming and inspiring Art and Culture Centre Vanha Paukku, an old ammunition factory unique both by its surroundings as well by its history. The Cultural Centre houses museums, art galleries, an art school, a community school, a music institute, the town library and several businesses. Our artist residency program offers two private apartments about 400 metres from the Cultural Centre and a workspace in the shared studio of the Creative Community in the heart of the Culture Centre. The city has perfect train connections to the bigger northern (Oulu and Rovaniemi) and southern (Tampere and Helsinki) cities of Finland.

Our residency includes two apartments located about 400 metres from the Cultural Centre.

Our bigger apartment has a private bedroom and a living room, both with double beds
(perfect for families or two individual artist sharing one apartment), a washing machine and a small balcony. The smaller apartment has a big sauna and a big bedroom / living room with a double bed. Both apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, a shower and a toilet. For this time period the bigger flat is available.

The work space is located at Vanha Paukku Creative Community at the Cultural Centre
Vanha Paukku. The Creative Community has two floors and over 200 square metres work
space for artists and creative people. Artists have 24 hour access to the work space.
We also provide access to a dark room, a film scanner and a computer for the artists to
use. It is also possible for our artists to use some spaces, studios and equipment in the
local schools if asked for in advance.

The fee for staying in our residency with this open call is: 500 € / 6 weeks (1.8.-12.9.2019) and 330 € / 4 weeks (1.8.-31.8.2019).

Expectations towards the artist
We have no actual expectations towards the artist. We appreciate all artists being
different so usually we ask our artists to present themselves and their work to the local
community (e.g. art school students, local school group). As our artist in residence it is
also possible to teach a public workshop or perform in one of the Cultural Centre's events. None of the above is mandatory and we will discuss this matter with every artist

Duration of residency
Duration for this open call is from 1st of August to 13rd of September 2019. You can stay a shorter time also.

Application information
Applicants must apply by email with an open application.

The applicants must submit:
• an artist bio and resume
• a proposal letter
• the preferred time for the residency
• samples of their work.

Residents are selected by our committee. All the applicants will be informed personally.
The applications can be sent to: 
The deadline to send the applications to apply for August-September 2019 is 21.7.2019.

You can also apply for a residency for next December and year 2020, we have some free space at that time!

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Open call in Lapua Residency, URGENT: for August-September 2019

Open call in Lapua Residency, URGENT: for August-September 2019


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