Deadline: 01/11/2019

ESXLA Residency Fellowships Now Available

ESXLA Residency Fellowships Now Available for 2020.

Eastside International (ESXLA) is pleased to now offer two Fellowship opportunities in 2020 to applicants of our AIR program:

US Artist Fellowship
One fully funded calendar month long residency in 2020 for a US-based artist working in any medium. The Fellowship covers the residency fees for accommodations and studio.

International Fellowship

One partially (50%) funded two calendar month residency during 2020. The Fellowship covers half of the fees for accommodations and studio.

Open to all artists internationally, including US.

All applicants wishing to be considered for either fellowship must submit residency application by Nov 1st, 2019.

$25 application fee

Full details and AIR application procedure at

Currently, the self-structured residency lasts from 1, 2, or 3 months and includes a bedroom and adjoining studio for contemporary visual artists to make work, connect with other artists, spaces, galleries, curators, and others and explore Los Angeles.  

The ESXLA international AIR program has hosted over 100 artists from Australia, UK, US, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and more.

Current residency fees are set at $1,650 US per month for residencies beginning 2020, plus $500 refundable deposit and $25 application fee.

Eastside International (ESXLA) is an artist-run contemporary visual art kunsthalle and international artist residency based in Los Angeles, California, directed by artist Jason Ramos.

Founded in 2014 by Ramos and artists Michelle Carla Handel and Molly Shea, Eastside International’s artist in residence program hosts up to five visual artists to live, work, and immerse themselves in the Los Angeles art community. ESXLA’s parallel exhibition program features the work of local, national, and international emerging and established artists in a non-commercial, alternative venue.

ESXLA Residency Fellowships Now Available

ESXLA Residency Fellowships Now Available

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