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SIM Residency Reykjavik open call January - June 2020

January - June 2020 at SIM Residency Reykjavik.

Description of residency program
The SÍM Residency in Reykjavík is an international residency program for artists with two locations in Iceland.

The main objective of the SIM Residency is to function as a direct link between visual artists, both nationally and internationally by bringing them together from different parts of the world to work in close company with each other.

The SIM Residency seeks to promote an environment of reflection, study and play by providing artists with a working environment that supports the artistic process.

Residency has gradually grown and we now welcome over 150 artists from all over the world on an annual basis at our two locations in Reykjavík. Artists are accepted based on their work examples, CV and project descriptions. The residency program includes artists’ talks and exhibition at the end of each month. Residencies can last for one to three whole months.

Duration of residency
Applicants can apply for a maximum of 3 months residency.
A granted residency is from the second to the last day of the relevant month.
Disciplines, work equipment,  and assistance
At the SIM Residency, all media of visual arts are accepted:✓  Painting ✓ Sculpture ✓ Drawing ✓ Photography ✓ Installation ✓ Ceramics  ✓ Textile art ✓ Performance ✓ ​Sound art.

Residency provides only working space. Artist has to take care of all individual work materials, equipment, tools by himself. 
SIM Residency helps for artist collaborate with The Icelandic printmakers association and Reykjavik Textile artist studios if any specific work tools are needed for an artist project. 

The two locations in Reykjavík are at Seljavegur and Korpúlfsstaðir. Both places also host a number of local artists studios. Seljavegur is situated only a 10 min walk from the city center and Korpúlfsstaðir is situated on the outskirts of Reykjavik in an old dairy farm.

SIM Residency at Seljavegur after new renovations provides for each artist individually room-studio, shared living room with a comfortable big kitchen and for more specific work projects - sharing studio space. 

SIM Residency at Korpúlfsstaðir is created for those artists who want to be focused on their art project and stay closer to the Icelandic nature. The atmosphere is really quiet as building location is a bit on the side of Reykjavik city. It is perfect for a group of artists working with one project. Huge shared studios let artists work with big formats and it is really comfortable to stay for a longer period of time than one month. 

Studio/ workspace
SIM Residency at Seljavegur provides individual room - studio with work desk inside the room and shared big studio space. 
SIM Residency at Korpúlfsstaðir offers big sharing studio for all artists with separated working stations. 
Fees and support
The residency fee per month varies from 455 EUR to 900 EUR depending on rooms and studios. 

All expenses are paid by the artists. The artist pays a residency fee for the stay at SIM as well as his own travel expenses and all other personal living expenses during the residency.

More information’s about rooms and studios can be found on our website.

Expectations towards the artist
The SÍM Residency is a project-based residency and a good description of a proposed project is required.

Qualifying applicants must have a BA degree in fine arts or similar qualifications.
Artists in Residency are expected to participate in an artist talk and a group exhibition during their stay.

Residents keep their own room and studio clean during their stay.
Application information
Artists are accepted based on their work examples, CV and project descriptions. 

- Short project description (max 400 words) 
- Resumé/CV 
- 3 - 5 photos of work in JPEG format (preferable size 300-500 KB)

Please note that when sending the additional information it´s best to merge all documents into one PDF file. PDF file has to be named only with your full name.

A panel of professional SÍM artists review the applications shortly after the deadline. Applicants are notified of the committee´s decisions within 6-7 weeks of the deadline.

SIM Residency Reykjavik open call January - June 2020

SIM Residency Reykjavik open call January - June 2020


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