Deadline: 21/09/2019

live.make.share - spring 2020

For artists & any individual interested in creative production & cultural knowledge sharing.

Facilitating cultural exchanges between artists and art professionals to promote knowledge-sharing and sustainable practice. live.make.share is an artist-in-resident and exchange program developed from Hanoi, Vietnam.

We focus on the development of international and inter-regional relations by facilitating mobility opportunities for local practitioners as well as welcoming foreign artists and art managers to our living and working spaces. The program focuses on three main objectives; creating an environment for professional, personal and community development, assisting the production of artistic projects and encouraging the exchange of knowledge.

Our vision is to facilitate the dissemination of Vietnamese culture whilst nourishing the creative ecology with exterior knowledge, allowing for new perspectives globally. The program concerns contemporary artists, cultural organisers, writers & researchers.

Our main residency space is in the region of Bac Ninh, in the Hien Van village, north-east of Hanoi. Residents have access to three main buildings:

  • The Zolinh House, a traditional style Vietnamese house can easily accommodate up to 6 people & also includes small working spaces & a wide garden area.

  • The Factory, is a 1000m2 production space & the main studio of Hien Van Ceramics. The studio produces ceramics inspired by Vietnamese design from the 11th century, including Ly, Tran, Le & Mac dynasties to produce contemporary works for households or bespoke architecture projects.

  • The Museum, is a double story exhibition space destined to become a gallery of traditional painting though is currently used as a large open space studio. The space is equipped with basic art production materials and can be arranged however the artist needs.

Timeline 2019/2020
21 Sept Deadline for application submissions
22-29 Sept Application reviews
4-13 Oct Interview period
14-20 Oct Final application review
23 Oct Residents announced
April/May/Jun Resident artists welcomed to live.make.share

Duration of residencies
Applications are currently open for the period of spring 1/4/2020 - 30/6/2020. Specific dates are open for the artist to suggest. Artists based outside of Hanoi are encouraged to propose a residency of a minimum of 6 weeks, though depending on the project shorter visits may be welcome. Dates outside of these timeframes will be considered but are not a priority.

Application Fee An application fee of 5 Euros per project is applicable & to be paid via bank transfer for European artists or Paypal ( for others.

Residency Fee
Costs for spring 2020 are calculated on the base of 290USD per month per person. live.make.share is an independent structure currently not receiving any state or corporate financial support. It is in no way live.make.share’s policy to overcharge artists, and do trust that we do not make any profit from this project.

The residency fees go towards basic structural costs. With this we are then able to supply:

● Accommodation with private room, shared kitchen & bathroom
● Transfer to & from the airport or Hanoi main station
● Access to studio space, materials & resources, pre-defined & agreed upon before arrival
● Administrative, travel & production assistance
● Exhibition, presentation & networking opportunities
● Documentation & research resources
● Regular house-cleaning services
● Internet connection
At extra (minimal) cost:
● Cooking services
● Motorbike rental
● Translation services (if exceeding residency assistants capacities)

live.make.share - spring 2020

live.make.share - spring 2020


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