Deadline: 25/08/2019

OPEN CALL extended for Artists´ POINT international art residency

Extended deadline to 25th August for application to International Art residency in Meghalaya, India

Artists’ POINT Meghalaya 2019

International art residency in Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, North-East India 

01.10.2019 – 27.10.2019


The art residency programme will gather professional artists from around the World in Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, North-East India for one month.  The art residency will provide an opportunity to experience untouched beauties of nature, Khasi tribal lifestyle and culture, mysterious monoliths, living root bridge, traditional folklore of the place. 

G U I D E L I N E S   F O R   A P P L I C A T I O N

1. Who can apply?
Professional painters who finished their master degree in fine arts from recognized university (4-5 participants) 

Professional Audio/Video Documentaristswho will be working towards production of the art residency video (1-2 participants)

(Picasso Pupils reserves the right to change the final number of participants)

2. (A) PAINTERS-   Submit photograph of your artworks ( 5 color photos of your artwork, jpg format suitable
For printing of bulletins) and registration form filled completely as an e-mail attachment to: 

AUDIO/VIDEO DOCUMENTARISTS- Send links of your previous documentaries and registration form filled completely as an e-mail attachment to:

B) Or enter your website + send completely filled registration form as an e-mail
attachment to: 

There is NO ENTRY FEE.
3. Deadline for the application:  25. August 2019

4. Selected painters/ documentarists will be notified asap via e-mail.  Latest in the middle of SEPTEMBER 2019.

5. Selected painters/ documentarists will have up to 48 hours to confirm their participation.

(An applicant, who is not selected, will not be notified personally in the email due to a large number of applicants)

C O N T E N T   O F   A R T   R E S I D E N C Y   P R O G R A M M E
The artists will get the opportunity to explore the authentic evidences of history, mythology and culture of Khasi Hills of MEGHALAYA, North-East India. They will visit the famous destinations as well as those ones still hidden for tourists, they will interact with local people who are rooted in traditional Khasi life style. Artists will be provided the time for individual contemplation and for execution of their art works in studio space. The interaction of invited artists with the artists from Meghalaya will be expected. Artists will contribute their knowledge in organized workshops for children and youth of  Meghalaya. In the end of the residency programme, there will be the final exhibition where each artist will present the Paintings / documentary created during the art residency. There will be space for open discussion about the art works with the visitors of the exhibition. 

Art Residency will provide: 
Accommodation – Accommodation in natural environment in rural Meghalaya. Two-three artists will be accommodated in one room with attached bathrooms.  
Studio Space –   Studio space will be provided in one of the common room of accommodation.
Art Material - Painters have to carry their own brushes and other tools. Canvass and acrylic colours will be provided.

Documentarists have to carry their own cameras and devices for Audio/Video documentary.

Food – Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. Food outside the residency campus during the individual travels of artists has to be covered by participants.

Trip – There will be organized trip to visit living root architecture, cave, monoliths, and viewpoints etc.

We expect from participating artists
The Artists’ POINT Meghalaya art residency requires that participating painters will donate 3 (three) paintings created during the residency program (each of approximate size 100 x 80cm) towards Artists’ POINT art collection which will be farther exhibited during international art exhibitions organized by Picasso Pupils (An Art Society). Participating documentarists are expected to create one audio/video document of approx 15-20 minutes which will be capturing interesting moments of the art residency program.

Picasso Pupils (An Art Society) reserves rights to use any captured document (video/audio/photographs) during art residency for promotional purposes and farther presentation via exhibitions organized by Picasso Pupils (An Art Society).

Artists retain all ownership rights to their images submitted in portfolio and photos taken during the art residency program. However, Picasso Pupils international art community reserves the right to use the images of all accepted applicants for promotional purposes involving the website or bulletins. Picasso Pupils (An Art Society) is not liable for breaches of copyright by the entrants.

All artists in residence are expected to facilitate a mentorship workshops for youth within the duration of their residency. Artists’ POINT is planning three days art workshop followed by competition for children and youth of Meghalaya and one Workshop of Portrait/landscape painting for nonprofessional artists of Meghalaya who would like to develop their skills in their art expression.

Artists have to prepare digital presentation (powerpoint or JPGs saved in order on pendrive) of his/her most important artworks and achievements, which will be presented during introduction evenings between participants.

Food outside residency campus, during the trips, will be arranged on the expense of participants. Organizers will always arrange the best and most suitable restaurant unit in the place of destination.

Participating artists will bear their transportation expenditure from their home country to Shillong (Capital city of Meghalaya, India) and back. Organizers will help to arrange the most suitable pick up and drop up at the Airport. 

Participating international artist has to attend the art residency in full period of time.
We need kind cooperation from the participants during an art residency program in maintaining a friendly atmosphere and patience in case of any technical or logistic difficulties. We hope that respected artists, Audio Video Documentarists will understand that sometime it may not be possible to fulfill some of the needs, but hopefully, it will be replaced by the extraordinary ethnic experiences.

OPEN CALL extended for Artists´ POINT international art residency

OPEN CALL extended for Artists´ POINT international art residency


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