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OPEN CALL - CAI Projects A.I.R. in Southern Spain (Andalusia) *** APPLY NOW to our _OCT, NOV or DEC 2019_ Residencies ***

A multidisciplinary space for research, experimentation, production and exhibition.

Application for CAI Projects Residency

Description of the residency programme
CAI Projects A.I.R. is an international artist-in-residence programme established in Southern Spain (Andalusia) in the city of Cadiz, a maritime settlement with over three thousand years of history and strategic point of entrance, passage and meeting place of cultures and civilizations, where the Atlantic Ocean converges with the Mediterranean Sea.

The residency is located in the city centre, a few minutes away from the beach, surrounded by historic heritage sites and popular culture venues (flamenco). An ideal setting to explore and research, with access to local archives, libraries, theatres, museums and the local university.

The programme brings support and companionship to contemporary artists and current creators of any discipline or nationality, to develop socially relevant projects in specific contexts, within the local, social and cultural network of the city. Our main objective is to use this rich historical, cultural, environmental and geopoliticalheritage to generate creative stimuli, dialogue and critical thinking through the interaction of artists, thinkers, cultural agents and the wider local community and to promote ideas of coexistence, inclusion, diversity and interculturality.

Duration of residency
Between 1-2 months. Artists must specify in their application the date (the month& year) they are applying for.

We welcome artists from all disciplines and nationalities.

Work equipment
CAI Projects has a large shared studio with plenty of natural light, two individual 1,50m X 80cm desks, lamps, comfortable chairs, an easel, material trays, a photography projector, a research library, basic office supplies, a video-projector and a flat-screen (for presentations and final events).

Artists can make the most of our immediate professional help and expertise. We offer our artists in residence, administrative, curatorial support, guidance and companionship during our office hours. We also take care of the publicity; the press releases and we arrange networking meetings with art practitioners.

Accommodation/ Studio/ Workspace
The residency is located in the heart of Cadiz and artists are invited to share studios and live together with the directors of the project, thus giving the resident artists a unique opportunity to be deeply immersed in local life, to create in an artistic environment and to generate positive and enriching experiences with the local community. We offer our two artists in residence: the possibility of staying in our two private single rooms (complete with individual working spaces) in an authentic, spacious flat, located in an XVIII century building, one large shared studio space, a shared bathroom (only with another artist), a fully equipped large shared kitchen and Wireless Internet connection.

We strongly encourage artists to secure external funding before applying to the residency. We can issue a letter of acceptance into the programme upon request.

Expenses paid by the artist
Artist in Residence Programme- Membership Fee for Akin Members (600 euros/month), transport and daily living expenses, Visa and medical insurance (if applicable), Production expenses/supplies.

Expectations towards the artist and support from the organization
Artists are not required to create and present a finished piece of work, they can choose to share their creative process instead. Artists can choose between:

  • doing an open studio.
  • doing a presentation within our “Confluences” cycle (a public cycle of presentations/artist talks).
  • participating in our "Symbiont" Project,a collaborative project that brings together artists from different disciplines and backgrounds to experiment and create an original piece of work, thus generating a symbiosis between our residents and local artists.
  • or running a workshop.

CAI Projects curatorial team gives artists in residence the opportunity to have an exhibition on a case-by-case basis, depending on the characteristics and the quality of their work.

We expect our residents to be professional, to show commitment to their practice and to keep their individual and shared spaces/ studios tidy and clean.

Application information
Your application should include the following information in ONE PDF file only (10MB max.) which you need to send to     

1. An artist’s statement describing your practice and areas of interest (up to 250 words).

2. A portfolio with min. 5 images of recent work, with captions and a short description, if necessary.

3. A recent CV (1-2 pages).

4. A simple statement outlining your plans, if you were to be offered the residency, which should include a short description of a research project, related to the local context of the residency (up to 250 words). This proposal does not have to be definitive and can change during the residency.

5. A short Workshop proposal (optional).

6. Any relevant documentation (e.g. articles or papers about work, exhibitions, publications, etc.)

7. A cover sheet with contact details such as name and surname, contact address, e-mail, telephone numbers if available, website and social media and specify the length of stay (month/year). 

Selection procedure
Artists are selected by a Selection Committee, formed by our Founding Members, Guest Artists and Invited Curators. The main criteria are the quality of their work, the relation between their discourse and contemporary art practices and the capacity to interact with the social and cultural context of the community. 

CAI Projects an artist-run, non-profit organisation and we are self-funded through membership fees. All artists are Akin Members of our organization and have to pay their membership fee in full, after the application has been successfully approved and we have received all the supporting documents, to secure their place in the programme.

OPEN CALL - CAI Projects A.I.R. in Southern Spain (Andalusia) *** APPLY NOW to our _OCT, NOV or DEC 2019_ Residencies ***

OPEN CALL - CAI Projects A.I.R. in Southern Spain (Andalusia) *** APPLY NOW to our _OCT, NOV or DEC 2019_ Residencies ***


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