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>>OPEN CALL Cloud forest residency in Costa Rica 2020

Welcome artists/ecologists to our remarkable facilities @ Jaguar Luna.

>>OPEN CALL Cloud forest residency in Costa Rica 2020. Welcome artists/ecologists to our remarkable facilities @ Jaguar Luna

2020 promises to be an exciting year on the planet Earth and at Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective (JLCAC). Our AIR program shares the opportunity to experience creativity and research while living in the cloud forest. Our center is a creative laboratory; it is a space to explore, study, and enhance the influence of curiosity and wonder on societal values. 

The uniqueness in our Center is that we encourage artists and their allies, to delve deeper into the mystery of creativity, how the imagination works and the basis for wonder to liberate humanity from the shackles of dispiritedness.  Often, limited by market objectification or societal elitism and judgment, artists frequently fail to develop their potential as change makers in the world. At our Center, we provide an ideal space to gather ideas, refine skills, research, experiment, grow and produce new work. Dream big, break free. Let your imagination run wild where jaguars dream.

We understand the importance of fulfilling dreams and cultivating openhearted visions while also trusting in the organic progress. We recognize that artists desire to leave something of them selves and contribute to the evolution of humanity.  Together we acknowledge and hold space for the playfulness, humor, and desire to change old patterns and habits while awakening the greatest potential in the arts.

Our name, Jaguar Luna, refer to characteristics, which we feel are integral to a multifaceted imagination.  Through subtly, visionary ideals, magnetism, pattern tracking, or extrasensory ability the artist awakens worlds yet unseen, or unformed.  Like the mystic jaguar, the artist must see into the night, or the void. One may then call upon a creation to form itself into physical manifest.  For the artist, this carries with it enormous responsibility to call attention to oneself, or to one’s design.

Our influence as artists can be felt around the world.  Our center understands the impression we leave with visitors, in the eyes of locals and with the life force, the planet Earth.

We understand many programs are competitive; we seek to minimize worry about one’s class of art, and focus more on the intention of the proposed stay/art in discussion. 

Spaces available (limited) from January – April 15 and July/August 2020. ***Other arrangements can be made in other months at special request.

We welcome:
Writers, Theatre, Film, Musicians, Painters, Ceramic, Sculptors, Dancers, Photographers, Curators, Culinary, Recycle Artists, Teachers, Researchers, Philosophers, Primitive Ceramics, Innovative Builders, Sustainable Energy Masters, Biologists, Ecologists, nearly anyone with a vivid imagination and devotion to arts and nature.

We welcome both professional and emerging artists for 2 weeks to 3 months (shorter or longer stays on special arrangement). We can house up to 8 artists with private accommodations at time (more if shared, although we hesitate to disturb the ambiance by too many people).

Accommodations/workshop/studio space
We provide rustic, comfortable, imaginative habitats for artists to create and imagine easily with the muse. Lodging is located in a hilly environment with access to group kitchen. We have 5-shared bathrooms. From private/shared cabins to lofts, or dorm rooms, we have a place that is right for all types of artists. Housing is shared only on agreement and is private unless otherwise stated.

The cabins are suitable for live/work space, and we have separate workshops available for construction/clay/wood working, etc. Dance, theatre can be held in the common building, our dance tower, outdoor amphitheater, or our elevated tree platform. Film/Photography is possible anywhere. Writing can be facilitated in a number of spaces that include our screened in Kiosk (also for photography).

We have 2+ theatre spaces. Our outdoor amphitheater has its own dressing area, with a giant jaguar head that actors can utilize. We have an indoor theatre with a trap door, which can be used for actors to enter stage from below. We also have plenty of outdoor areas such as our bamboo tree platform and our hummingbird tower actors can engage to prepare works. The grounds around the Center can also be used for ‘roving theatre’ type projects.

Common spaces can be used to collaborate and engage interdisciplinary learning.

Self directed independent residency. Our Center offers uninterrupted work time. No pressure to deliver finish work. No set program or itinerary.

Application form will be sent, however, please prepare the following to help us understand your needs.

  • Short bio or statement. 
  • Proposal describing the project or idea that you would like develop during the stay at Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective
  • A brief description of what you do or a selection of works or writing samples.  (maximum of 12 items).
  • Link to website/blog (if you have one).
  • Experience with other residencies
  • Previous travel experience
  • Summery of why you want to come to our Center. Thriving in a remote/isolated space???

Residents are urged to bring an adequate stock of materials and supplies for their session.

Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective is a non-profit and self-financing organization. Residents are responsible for travel, food and transport during stay. Program fees vary as follows:

Private Cabin Jaguar *(up to 2 people) w/private bathroom*: 375 USD per week.

Private Cabin Coyote *(1 person) w/ private bathroom* 350 USD per week.

Private Loft: 300 USD per week.

Private room: 250 USD per week.

Camping: 75 USD per week.

Private studio rental: 150 USD week.

--all accommodations fully furnished.

@Guidance and/or tutor/mentor available for add’l cost. Please inquire.

@@Lunch 2x week included for add’l 25$ per week.

**Transportation provided upon initial arrival and departure from pueblo bus station.

*bathrooms are *eco-dry toilets (water flush for timid, available on site) and hot water on demand service and are adjacent to the cabins.

Studio spaces are live/work for Cabins, Lofts/rooms have shared workspace indoors or outdoors.

Includes use of main hall/kitchen/salons/balconies.

**Partial tuition waiver options, email us. We encourage artists in need to seek individual grants, foundation grants, or support. We can assist with a letter of invitation.

25% deposit to hold space within 1 week of offer (in case of cancelation, refunded only if we are able to replace it with another guest.) Full tuition due 90 days prior to residency start date.

*20% discount for 1 month or longer stay.

**Please review our visitor guidelines here:

***A portion of tuition proceeds help our land reclamation project (jaguar corridor protection) and reforestation program.

We welcome all members of our diverse local and international community... gender, race, religion, etc.

>>OPEN CALL Cloud forest residency in Costa Rica 2020

>>OPEN CALL Cloud forest residency in Costa Rica 2020

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