Deadline: 20/09/2019

Winter Wonderland Residency -Iceland - reduced fees

A winter residency in Iceland is an experience that will stay with you forever.

A residency during the colder months is a great way to experience Iceland in all its winter glory. There is significant and underestimated beauty in the north at this time of the year. The winter months in Iceland are very conducive to creativity and focussed work. The extended time indoors nurtures the development of collaboration and deep friendships between resident artists.  Whilst the days are short the light is beautiful and forever changing.  The northern lights dance regularly across the sky at this time of the year and are a common site in our little north Iceland town of Skagaströnd. Yes it is cold outdoors and yes we have blizzards and mega snow at times but the studio and houses are all geothermally heated and very cosy for working well into the night.  

Winter in Iceland provides an opportunity to experience spectacular light of the low horizon sunset, which on the snow covered ground glows blue. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always dark. This special time of year is ideal for investigating light, darkness, and the forces of nature. 

Duration of residency
1-3 months

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
NES is a multidisciplinary residency. We accept applicants from all creative fields and career stages. Additionally, we offer a writer-in-residence program in collaboration with the University of Iceland; likewise, we are able to coordinate access to additional facilities for dancers, composers, musicians, filmmakers and researchers, or anyone who might require additional space to work. 

Our artists in residence are allocated with shared accommodation in one of 3 apartments that are in the town of Skagaströnd.  Each artist is provided with a private bedroom and shares the remainder of the house with other artists. Our houses are fully furnished with all linen and general household facilities supplied.  No house is more than a 10 minute walk to the studio.

Studio/ workspace
NES operates an open plan shared studio,  located in the old fish factory. The main area is approximately 16x11metres and is divided into 10-12 spaces. Whilst the open plan studio at Fjörubraut 8 is our main studio area and all artists have 24/7access to this, we can provide some specialist spaces for writers, dancers and sound artists/musicians. 

Fees and support
Residency fees include a room in a shared artist house + one studio space or access to research library for writers.

Special reduced winter rate

  • 650 EUR per month for a single room for one person, one bed, one studio space in  open plan communal studio.

Expectations towards the artist
As part of your residency, you are expected to present your work at an artist talk event following your arrival and to show your work at the Open Studios held monthly as a means of continuing a conversation about your work and initiating new dialogues for contemporary art.  Artists are expected to be self directed and fairly autonomous whilst here, however the onsite director is available to answer all queries, offer advice and facilitate introductions to assist you in achieving your goals.

Application information
To submit an application, please fill out the application form found at then send the following supporting documents in an email to :

In ONE PDF document:
A copy of your CV
Letter of intent (including a project description- 500 word max)
Link to webpage/examples of work

Winter Wonderland Residency -Iceland - reduced fees

Winter Wonderland Residency -Iceland - reduced fees


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