Deadline: 07/10/2019

Belgrade PETIT Studio Residency 2020


Belgrade Art Studio presents a new concept – a small studio, PETIT Studio.
A flourishing artistic practice requires a commitment to the creative process which often comes with significant sacrifice, financial and otherwise, for even the most commercially successful artists. 

Belgrade Art Studio offers artist residencies that provide tranquil studio space in the very center of Belgrade, uninterrupted time, and a community of talented creatives.

PETIT Studio is a BUDGET STUDIO, perfect for WRITERS, CURATORS, THINKER, PHOTOGRAPHERS, ARTISTS/DESIGNERS who do small dimensions and do not require a spacious studio. It is giving artists the opportunity to pursue their work free from distractions, outside demands and at cheaper costs.

 is a non-profit international art program designed to bring talented artists, creative practitioners, researchers and writers from around the world to experience a unique cultural environment dedicated to art. Selected artists are invited to live and work in specially designed studio for a period up to 3 months. By bringing the creators of art in a unique setting the Program aims to situate art at the very heart of historical Belgrade.

PETIT Studio is a BUDGET STUDIO, perfect for WRITERS, CURATORS, THINKER, ARTISTS/DESIGNERS who do small dimensions and do not require a spacious studio. PETIT Studio Residency provides the residency at cheaper cost for those who are on a tight budget.

Residency in a private fully furnished small apartment which is unique and has character, in Dorcol historic building, built in 1921-23. (approximately 40 square meters, 4.20 m high ceilings). Living in Dorćol has its charms, it could be like living in Kreuzberg in Berlin or Manhattan in NYC. A sense of history, with retro pieces of furniture and original wooden floor, windows, doors and a fully functional kitchen for the self-catering of residents, bathroom, Cable TV, Wifi, washing machine. The space was renovated over the course of a whole year and decorated following an ‘‘eclectic luxury’’ approach that combines vintage design with contemporary art. The space is filled with original art and vintage objects sourced in galleries and antique shops across Serbia and Europe. The result is a very personal, inviting space that skillfully mixes contrasting elements with surprising results.

PETIT Studio is a right place for all those who wish to have the concentrated space and time away, to think and explore what can be achieved, and to see what can emerge when in an artistically charged space away from the day-to-day thinking of their norm. Opportunity to liaise with other artists and get their feedback and input; to discuss their art practices and collect insights on different art forms that they have seen and been a part of. To gain a community of artists to further collaborate with and learn from.

Art studio is open year-round, providing artists/writers /curators / creative practitioners/ researchers/scholars/thinkers with much-needed space and time to work on a project of their choice. The applications are reviewed by an art committee whose efforts ensure that a broad range of artistic disciplines, styles, and national origins is represented. The selection process aims to integrate artists and researchers in a spirit of openness and curiosity about creativity in its diverse forms and contexts.

Complimentary pick-up and drop-off for arrival and departure, welcoming traditional serbian meal, private Belgrade City tour, a studio representative always on hand to help out and lots more, check out

Each resident is responsible for their own funding, though Belgrade Art Studio can help with this process. Please note that there is only one artist or an artist couple at a time in the residency. Every participant can bring along one family member or partner that will pay 50% of the price as well as a pet, free of charge.

For more about eligibility, selection criteria, expectations, application, fees, check out

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Belgrade PETIT Studio Residency 2020

Belgrade PETIT Studio Residency 2020


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