Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency Network

May 2014

[Melbourne, Australia] Res Artis is glad to announce the inaugural meeting of the Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency network, which will take place during May 9 -12 in Melbourne, Australia.

Along with Asialink, our generous host, Res Artis intends to create a network of creative residencies whose aim is to promote cultural exchange between these three regions. Our initial gathering will focus on developing approaches to collecting data about artist residencies that will aid us in developing a comprehensive map of this vast region.

In addition, we will also begin to develop the means of creating assessment protocols for these immensely varied regions that are attentive to their cultural differences.

Res Artis is extremely grateful that the Asia Europe Foundation chose to support our engagement and awarded us with a grant last year that deems our undertaking valuable. This is the kind of support that is crucial not only in initializing these kinds of efforts, but also in providing long term sustainability, which will, of course, also be part of our discussion.

The program for the 9th and the 12th has been written in collaboration with Asialink and On the Move, and is supported by the Asia Europe Foundation and the University of Melbourne. Project partners of the Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency Network are Res Artis, Asialink, and the National Association of Visual Arts.


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- The Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency Network
- The Melbourne Meeting.


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Res Artis in Melbourne
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Lillian Fellmann, Program Director
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Res Artis office in Amsterdam
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Asialink in Melbourne, local office
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