Sound Development City 2014 Documentation

After a very inspiring, intense and adventurous expedition to the northern European cities of Riga and Helsinki with a group of twelve international artists last August / September, we are very happy to announce the documentation of the Sound Development City Artist Expedition 2014.

The book documents the expedition itself and the participant’s projects, based on the mutually created content on the expedition's logbook website, radio interviews, working material and selected images. The expedition group was accompanied by writer Uwe Lützen, who observed and reflected on the on-going processes. A selection of his texts are also featured in the publication. The book was designed by HUBERTUS DESIGN, Zurich.

The 2014 expedition documentation is now available via the Sound Development Shop for CHF 29.-/Ex.


Impressions of the book and the artist's PDFs can be downloaded on the project website: