Res Artis board member, Kavita Shah, at IMPACT 9 (CN)

Our board member, Kavita Shah, is attending the IMPACT 9 International Printmaking Conference in Hangzhou, China from September 22 – 26, 2015.

The Impact 9 International conference will be organised by China Academy of Art. The conference theme is 'Printmaking in the Post-Print Age'.

The event will follow the conventions of IMPACT by focusing on an academic conference with a range of peer-reviewed papers for publication along with artist/illustrated talks and panel discussions. The programme will feature a number of presentations from invited keynote speakers, a series of technical demonstrations as well as specialist interest and peripheral events such as a portfolio and trade session.

Kavita will be exhibiting prints by 80 international artists in a show titled “Games People Play” in the Museum of Contemporary Art of CAA. She will be in China between September 19 – September 27, 2015. 

In case you are in Hangzhou during these days and would like to meet up with Kavita, please let us know at office@resartis.org  

China Academy of Art
Hangzhou, China
For more information visit: http://impact9.caa.edu.cn/ 

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