Last spots "SHINOS for Wood and Reduction"

In this workshop teachers will make pottery demos in wheel and modeling to​ ​be glazed in different colors of Shino. Pieces shall be finally fired in​ ​wood and reduction, discovering amazing contemporary encounters with this​ ​ancient glaze. It will be well between January 9 – 22, 2016


Fee: US$ 2.700 Including studio, all materials to work during the workshop​ ​(clay, glazes, etc.), transportation and lodging (all meals at Art Center​ ​-not including restaurants in Valparaiso and Santiago while kilns are cooling​ ​down).​ ​US$ 250 in advance are required to make the reservation. Payments are made by Paypal.​ If you need an invitation letter for visa pursposes just tell me.​


Complete information and enrollment can be found on the link http://curaumilla-en.strikingly.com/ or info@bordeimaginario.org