2017 Residencies opening from July onwards + Intensive workshops all year long

Dear fellow artists,

As a new year begins, at taller + residencia Zona Imaginaria, we will take the first semester of 2017 to rethink some of our activities and actions. Hence, we shall be opening our residency's doors only in the second semester, from July onwards.

Meanwhile, for the whole year, starting in March, we are willing to receive any artist that would like to do an intensive workshop for a few days in Zona, in order to accomplish a specific piece in mind. We wish to put all the material at our disposal (cercamics, photographic and printmaking facilities, wood and metal working tools) to the achievement of any artist's creativity and will.

If you'd be interested in visiting Zona for an intensive workshop at any time or for our residencies later this year, please drop us a line from now on at info@zonaimaginaria.com.ar

Best wishes,

Zona Imaginaria



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Zona Imaginaria