WORKSHOP - April / 2017 - Book of the artist - between the Icon and the Object - Casa Tamarindo

The purpose of this workshop is to work on the concept of Book of the Artist and to discuss the object book, this millennial object, whose purpose is to take written or printed, the thinking of someone or somebody. Sacred and demonized, it was burned in the public square for transmitting ideas that disagreed with the authorities in force, by the majority, idolized for bringing new ideas and open the eyes of the minds of people and peoples.

Today, however, in these liquid times with the birth of computers and tablets, ideas can and do be transmitted in other media in other ways and the book has lost its status as one of the only means of transmitting ideas and information to many.

According to Stephen Bury, "Artist books are books or objects in the form of a book, on which, in appearance, the artist has a great control." The book is understood in itself as a work of art."

My proposal is to first discuss the concept of book and object book, teach binding techniques and then develop workshop for each to think, design and build his artist book, using the concepts presented. The development of the technique will be done along with the development of the concepts.

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Casa Tamarindo