Maryam Bagheri (Iran) appointed new MENASA Cluster Coordinator of Res Artis in our brand new office in Tehran

We are very happy to announce the appointment of Maryam Bagheri, our new MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia) Cluster Coordinator. Her appointment is two-fold exciting as it also comes with the launch of a regional Res Artis office in Tehran, Iran where Maryam is based.

Maryam has diverse experience in documentary filmmaking, researching, film archiving, journalism and documentary film distribution. At the moment she works as the board of editors chairperson for Cinema- Haghighat magazine, documentary film specialized quarterly on Iran. She is one of the board members of Rybondoc center in which the main focus is on documentary cinema. As a documentary film distributor, her expertise is in communication and strategic planning.

The Tehran office is a direct outcome of the Res Artis Meeting in Tehran that took place in November 2016 and serves the aim to encourage greater interaction, knowledge and skill-sharing between arts residency centres in the region. As the MENASA Cluster Coordinator of Res Artis, Maryam is acting as a conduit between the global network of Res Artis and the local region. Maryam herself says of her appointment: “Working for Res Artis brings me the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world. Being involved in an organisation that values regional, cultural and structural differences and tries to make the world mobile was always my dream job.” Our sincerest thanks go out to our generous office sponsor Ehsan Rasoulof, founder of Kooshk Residency.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to meet with Maryam onsite.

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