"DRINK HELLEBORUS" is a project born from concept by Polyxene KASDA , an artist, curator, writer and researcher International (with collaboration with Dimitri Tzouvalis and Demeter Parasharaki), founders of Allotropya Museum. Art Curator of Allotropya Museum is Dores Sacquegna. The event will be set up to Antikyra, Greece in the Allotropya Museum/Pinacotheque.

Antikyra is a coastal town of Ancient Fokis, a natural harbour in the North shores of the Corynthian gulf. Its legendary founder was heroe Antikyrefs who is said to have healed Hercules from goddess Hera-sent Mania (madness), with the regional black and white rhisome of the native herb Helleborus, that grows on the slopes of the local mountains of Elicon. Legendary herb Helleborus is said to cure melancholia and madness. In the ancient times when someone was “ηλλεβορία"( pronounced "elevoria”), or, acting and speaking crazy, they were advising him: “Πιθ'Ελλέβορον" {pronounced "Pith' Elevoron”), meaning “Drink Helleborus!”. It is said that the mere touching of the herb Helleborus with bare hands, triggers hallucinations...In the present state of things, this ancient phrase acquires a special significance and we aspire to enhance it into a playful motto of our times; a topological game opening serious possibilities of regional development in techno-agriculture, eco-pharmaceutics, mythology-informed agrotourism, but also a window in the processes of the unconscious; an alternate psychological approach into the nature of folly and in the capacity to embrace antinomies. Paradoxical loops, mind upturning language games, on the interface of legends /landscape, are upsurging from the affective topology of this site, situated 28km from Delphi, which was inhabited since prehistoric time, which has participated in the Trojan war, which lies in the vicinity of the one and only industrial town of Greece.
The events to take place range from:
- The creation of an international site-specific collection of contemporary art for the Allotropia Museum (art curator Dores Sacquegna)
- A walking (peripatitikon ) parcours-symposium, on the psychological and philosophical parameters of folly, with the participation of artists, scientists, residents and mountaineers
- conference with the projection of diapositve slideshow, made on the bottom of Lake Mornos, which emerged in 1990 for a while, discovering ancient treasures and documented by the photographer S.Samios during the performance "Persephone" by Polyxene Kasda in the sunken temple. Conference by Polyxene Kasda;
- The organization of an agro-techno conference and of a research in the ambiguous linguistic structure of the delphic oracles and its relevance to the unconscious (sup. prof I. Kontos)
- An architectural design contest for the development of the local settlement ETREX into a residence for the creative folly of artists, writers and researchers, with the inclusion of a small amphitheatre (co-curated by D. Strouzakis) and many more events
Artists have to realize n.1 work (for each artist) size cm 100 x 100 max on theme of folly. The work will be selected by me and then sent in Antikyra for exhibition and donation at the museum.
All works will be published on website.

p.s. WWW.PRIMOPIANOGALLERY.COM is under constructions actually. Will be available on line next week. Other news about it on www.primopianoatelier.com or http://uraniasgardens.blogspot.it/ https://www.facebook.com/events/1471633719734413/