Summer Workshop– Galapagos Now:

July 5th - August 8th

Inspired by the Galapagos Archipelago and the knowledge transformations brought about as a consequence of Darwin’s five-week experience within their dense bio-diversity, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce our fourth summer workshop, entitled 'Galapagos Now:'. This five-week intensive interdisciplinary workshop, led by Director David Gersten and co-taught with Arts Letters & Numbers Fellows, will gather its own diverse group of artists, architects, performance artists, musicians, writers, dancers, scientists, film makers, actors and other practitioners from a wide array of disciplines.

The centerpiece of the workshop is the investigation and physical construction of the double horizon defined by the Mill and the House on the Hill….

Through a shared framework of inquiry, conversations, actions and acts, we will create new linkages, new questions, and new works. As with all of our Arts Letters & Numbers Workshops, we will work toward creating a new work of performance and film. We are approaching this with all of the open unknowing that informs all of our endeavors.

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