Make Your Own Chair with Peter Lanyon - 16th – 21st June 2018 - Cerdeira Village, Portugal

You will learn to make a chair using your hands to give shape to your own ideas. The seat, legs and back will be made with freshly cut wood from the forest that surrounds Cerdeira.

For registration and more information: https://school.cerdeiravillage.com/make-your-own-chair

16th – 21st June 2018
10:00 -13h ; 15:00 - 18.30;

Price: 390 € - basic materials and shared accommodation included. If you decide to stay in one of our individual houses you will enjoy a 10% discount.For beginners with or without experience.
4 – 6 people.

  • Basic green woodworking techniques

  • Learn to make your own shaving horse

  • Learn how to accurately drill holes for jointing these irregular components

  • Learn to make a free-form chair of your own design

It doesn’t need many tools, essentially it is HANDMADE and allows us to do our own masterpiece, a unique piece of furniture that carries our feelings, our history and our new skills. 

Take home your completed and unique chair!

Learn to make a free-form chair of your own design. We will use fresh-cut wood cut from the surrounding forest to form the seat, legs and back for a creative and unique chair.

In 6 days you will learn all the basic green woodworking techniques, including splitting wood by hand, shaving it to a fine finish, and jointing it. You will also learn to make your own shaving horse, a knowledge that allows you to continue to practice your art when you get home.

"Free-form" refers to a style of green woodwork which uses non -straight pieces of wood. You will learn how to accurately drill holes for jointing these irregular components. This is a course for people wanting to make something totally unique and personal, which will inevitably express something of their own personality.

Peter Lanyon presents himself as a furniture designer maker, a green wood tutor and community project co-ordinator.

Many many years of wood working experience, based on apprenticeship and a large academic career in furniture design and technology, an enormous number of public works and exhibitions all over the UK, combined with a great pleasure to share his knowledge makes this ARTIST WEEK so unique.

Peter Lanyon
His work brings together the skills, tools and technology of the fine furniture maker, and fuses this with ancient ‘bodging’ traditions of working unseasoned timber, where nothing is straight, or predictable. He likes to combine green (unseasoned) wood with modern materials and furniture techniques to bring something fresh and new to the world of bespoke furniture.

He works mainly with locally coppiced wood and fallen trees. His philosophy is one of minimum intervention - imposing as little as possible on the materials, leaving the gentle curves as nature intended.

Luckily one of his passions is teaching!


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