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Inside-Out Art Museum Artist Residency Program

Artist work space at the artist residency in Beijing.

Description of residency program
The Artist Residency Program at Inside-Out Art Museum (IOAM) is a non-profit public platform to promote and encourageinteractions amongyoung visual artists between the Chinese and international art communities. Currently, the program offers eight residency terms each year, with four terms in Beijing, China, and the other four in Maine in US. Each residency term lasts for four weeksand will be completed by two to three artists with different cultural backgrounds. 

Different from other Artist-in-residence programs in China, the Artist Residency Program at Inside-Out Art Museum-Beijing aims at fostering greater interactions between theChinese and internationalartists in order to create greater possibilities for culture interchange. Our museum also seeks to provide the artists with an better environment for their artistic art-making which will goes beyond the current market aesthetics and academic limitations. Each year, the Inside-Out Art Museum will gather together a group of contemporary young artists from differentbackgrounds,and approximate 2-3 artists will complete a term of residency together in each art studio. For each residency, each artist will hasa choice of either team up with someone from the invited group or he/she can personally invites external artists  to  join in. This team-work process will offers a great opportunity for different international young artists to develop their own understandings for different art culture and culture customs, thus eventually helping each artist toproducemore mature and  visionary artworks. Meanwhile, our museum also supports any sort of  flexible form for artistic events during each residency.We would like to provides our gallery space and art resources to good works .

Moreover, our residency program offers two locations: the living and working facilities in Beijing ,China located at the Inside-Out Art Museum, which sits near the border of Fragrance Hill; meanwhile the living and working facilities in Maine, USsituated on the serene   Pemaquid Peninsula. Pamaquid is a summer vacation spot for numerous American-renowned artists. Geographically, each residency spotwill not only provide an undisturbed ambiance for the participating artists but also  supplyplenty of resources as needed by the artists. Along with the residency, our institute also scheduled free art seminars and lectures . The residency program in Beijing will also provide language interpreter and living assistance to international artists as needed.

Duration of residency
1 month

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
online application → 15 international and 15 Chinese artists will be selected to join the preparatory residency program→Each international and Chinese artists with choose to team up with one or two other artists duringthis residency term. → Residency starts →artistic communication among artistsmedia release, and artcritiques at art institutions → Collective artwork exhibitions by artists who completed the Artist Residency

Note: Artists can apply for multiple terms (spring/summmer/winter/autumn) of residency. Once selected, the artist will has the option to choose one of the term. 

Private accomodation

A shared open loft building

Fees and support
Cost by the Artist:

  • Artist Residency Administration Fee $50USD per head/week
  • Traveling expenses (airplane tickets)
  • Art materials for studio activities
  • Living expenses (food or taxi) during the Residency.
  • Other foreseen expenses during residency.(landmark tickets for personal travel...)

Expectations towards the artist
The artist should give a talk or visit chinese artist's studio for critic or workshop. we will have a group show for those who have done our residency program.

Application information
Requirements on application documents :all files to be named in the format of Pinyin of the Artist’s name+ Name of the work, i.e.: Lucy.painting name)

1 Application form
2 10 high resolution images of art works and a list of works (in the list, please include thumbnails of works, title, size, media, artist and time)
3 Summary of the artworks/ project plan/ personal statement of the artist (choose one or two out of three)
4 Curriculum Vitae
5 A Photo of the artist
6 Maine Artist Residency Programme requires evidence of basic English skills.

Please send application documents to:

If you have any queries regarding to the Artist Residency Programme, please visit the Inside-Out Art Museum official website and look up FAQ section for Artist Residency Programme. If you cannot find the answer to your question in FAQ, feel free to email us for more information.

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Inside-Out Art Museum Artist Residency Program

Inside-Out Art Museum Artist Residency Program


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