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Writing Residencies -- New Zealand Pacific Studio

NZ Pacific Studio residency.

Description of residency programme
Founded in 2001, NZ Pacific Studio welcomes residents from NZ and overseas - and we welcome creative people working on any artistic practice - writers, visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, and more.

We also have an environmental focus, as we are located in a rural area near streams, rivers and hills. and just 2km north of Pukaha Mt Bruce National Wildlife Centre, to which residents gain complimentary entry. 

Close to 500 artists have undertaken residencies since the centre was founded in 2001.

The five-acre facility is located about 100 minutes from Wellington, 20 minutes from Masterton, and is centered around a restored villa built in 1911 -- one of the oldest homessteads in the area. 

Duration of residency
NEW ZEALAND PACIFIC STUDIO is one of New Zealand's only residency centres that welcomes artists and writers from New Zealand and abroad, year-round.

Creative practitioners work on site for up to 3 months on a project of their own choosing.

We have a one-week minimum.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We welcome creative people working in any artistic practice - writers, visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, and more.

We have a live-in house manager, also an artist, who provides assistance as needed.

A library of over 2,000 books and an art collection of about 100 works.

Free wifi (though it can be slow), free landline phone calls within NZ.

In all, there are six spaces for accommodation at the facility.

Residents can choose their space in consultation with NZ Pacific Studio.

Studio/ workspace
We have seven unique workspaces: a clockmaker's loft, writing and visual art studios, and a Scandinavian-syle cottage complete with sauna and skylights.

We also have five acres, with outdoor tables.

Fees and support
For this residency, writers secure funding for their stay.

The rate is NZ$50/night, with our smallest space available at NZ$40/night.

Expectations towards the artist
For this residency, we expect the writer to focus on his/her work and be respectful of the fellow residents.

There may be an Open Studio Day during the residency at which the resident is expected to greet the public for one afternoon.

Application information
The application process is straightforward - please see this section of our website:

Writing Residencies -- New Zealand Pacific Studio

Writing Residencies -- New Zealand Pacific Studio

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