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Vilarcangel residency & ecomuseum

Vilarcangel Residency & Ecomuseum.

Description of residence program
In our residence we offer a privileged environment to create where each artist is free to develop their proposal, our team only helps and advises in all aspects of production.

Length of residence
The residence is open from 20 March to 20 October. We received our guests during this period.

Disciplines, work team and assistance
We believe that in order to create, all we need is the tools and the right environment. Our experience shows us that the channels for the dissemination of artists' work are changing. Likewise, new types of disciplines and concerns are emerging in artists who advocate creating new alternatives to the commercial circuits of art. Therefore, our intention is to contribute to train artists in new fields, such as art therapy, music therapy and, especially, art with social commitment. This latter type of art is self-managed through crowding and collaborative economy. In this way, the artist does not need the established circuits to be able to develop his work, since he is learning how to generate new methodologies not only of creation but also of management.

Next to the natural park of the Albufera lagoon in Valencia, a midst 65000m2 of garden and ecological orange groves, is our residence. A typical rural villa from the year 1885 in a colonial Valencian style with all its original charm, equipped to develop creative projects, work with new technologies and maintain a healthy life in the countryside. It is well known that the Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world; we offer, to the resident artists, greenery and fruit of our ecological orchard, water from our well and a magical environment to create in. Each artist has his own individual room with a work desk, wifi, plenty of natural light and great views. On the other hand, we have a large number of common areas, large lounges, a library, a study and wonderful terraces with beautiful views. The residence is located just 1.5 km from a small village where you can provide yourself with whatever you need. This distance can be walked in a pleasant 15-minute walk along the river bed. If you would like to go to the beach you have it just 11 km from Vilarcangel in the cosatal town of Cullera, where you can also enjoy Cullera’s castle and excellent views. Just 3.5 km away, in the town of Sueca, you have a train station that connects you to the city of Valencia every 30 minutes. The journey lasts 32 minutes (with the possibility of taking your bicycle with you). Here we describe the spaces that you have in the residence, which has been restored maintaining the original furniture and structure of the nineteenth century (except the exhibition hall, which is brand new). The original villa is distributed in the ground floor and two upper floors. In addition to the villa, there is a studio, an exhibition hall and the staff housing, which are annexed to the original construction.

It has an accommodation capacity for fourteen residents, five double bedrooms and three singles, each with a unique decoration and with their own work desk and wifi connection.

The ground floor is where the daily activity of the residents is carried out. It has a fireplace for winter, various sofas and two large tables for communal meals. On the first floor is another space for conceptual, literary and laptop work; It has several individual tables, satellite TV, wifi, a fireplace and plenty of natural light.
It is the most charming space of the vila. You can find more than one thousand books in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. It also has Wi-Fi, large sofas and work desks. It is the perfect place to enjoy silence and reading.

Musical space
With grand piano, guitars - acoustic and classical -, trumpet, percussions, flutes, mixer, microphones and sound system.

The one on the first floor has 60m2 and has fabulous views to the southeast. Sun loungers and a table for sunny breakfasts are available. The second floor next to the library is 20m2 and faces southwest; a perfect space to enjoy a good book and the views of the natural park.

The main kitchen on the ground floor for communal suppers. It has a large pantry always well stocked with organic food from the garden. In the kitchen on the first floor is where the residents store and cook their food individually.

On the ground floor and with more than 100m2, the studio has facilities for plastic creation: tools, brushes, paintings, trestles, large work tables, a library with artists' and art history books and large doors that open towards the exterior allowing work with large formats.

Exhibition space
It is the only totally new space of the villa, where the exhibitions and workshops are developed (yoga, qi gong, music therapy, art therapy). It consists of a diaphanous parquet room with white walls and good lighting.

In the exterior of the house, with its large arches, is one of the spaces with the most life of the residence. Ideal for communal meals and naps on their wrought iron beds.

Outdoor Workshop
With 150m2, the outdoor workshop is perfect for creating large sculptures and installations.

For the months from June to October, the old safaret (Arabian irrigation raft) has been rehabilitated as a swimming pool.

Vilarcangel Ecomuseum
Our exhibition space is divided into three zones. The first area is the whole perimeter of Vilarcangel, 65000m2, where you can make an installation or leave a sculpture in the place you like the most - with the possibility of taking your work whenever you want. The second area is our exhibition space, where we develop temporary exhibitions of a quarter of duration. And the last area is the Vilarcangel residence itself, where prior agreement with the team, you can share your work for it to be part of the interior of the villa, or take it whenever you please.

Vilarcangel ecological project
We believe that a better future is only possible through our actions, therefore, we dedicate our efforts to encourage creativity from a point of view of commitment to our environment. In Vilarcangel you can help us, and learn, if you wish, how to manage an ecological garden. You can wake up in the morning to pick your oranges from the trees and make a good juice, and then, at lunchtime, pick your vegetables to cook. You have all kinds of fruit trees: orange, lemon, apple, plum, peach, cherry, quince, almond, walnut, mulberry, banana, pomegranate, fig and olive trees. Among the vegetation you will also find laurels, oaks, pines, jacarandas choricias, maples, acacias, elms and palm trees. A varied botanical garden to shelter in the shade and listen to the birds.

Double rooms (1-2 PAX double bed)

20 euros day
Minimum one week

Single rooms (1 PAX only)
15 euros day
Minimum one week

Vilarcangel provides each resident with a bicycle to travel, the price includes light, water, accommodation, exhibition of his work, participation in the workshops and to enjoy all the services of the villa.
The transfer to the villa, food and the material of creation are not included in the price.

Application Information
To book a residence you must send to 

A brief description of at least four lines, of the creative work that you are going to develop.
Some photos of your work or your web page

Vilarcangel residency & ecomuseum

Vilarcangel residency & ecomuseum


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