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Self-Directed Residencies for Artists and Writers In Okanagan Valley

The Caetani Cultural Centre offers artists and writers creative living and working spaces.

The Caetani Cultural Centre offers artists and writers creative living and working spaces in an independent community atmosphere for self-directed residencies, providing time, support and room for creativity, at affordable rates.
Open to emerging and established visual artists in any medium. Writers, musicians, curators, cultural researchers, musicians and performing artists are also welcome and encouraged to apply.
Self-directed residencies are of varying lengths of time, from 2 weeks to 3 months, to suit the individual needs of the applicant. Longer terms may be negotiated if needed. Please specify the preferred time period for the residency and length of stay for project in your application form. The Self-Directed Residencies are not sponsored or themed.
Unless otherwise indicated, applicants are suggested to apply at least 3 months prior to the required time period. All applications are adjudicated by a professional adjudication panel. Please check the appropriate web pages for availability.
The Self-Directed Residencies are not sponsored or themed, and fees are based and pro-rated on length of stay. Artists are expected to provide their own food, materials and transportation.

All fees are in Canadian funds, and pro-rated on the length of stay.
AIR Program fees include either a live/work space OR a private studio or  and private bedroom, with shared common areas: kitchen, bath and common areas). This will be specified in the contract.

  • 3 Private bedrooms are available (two with queen-sized bed, Fogliano room has twin bed, clothes storage and desk with chair).
  • Double occupancy can be considered for an additional fee of $5/night ($150/mo) for the Caetani or Sermoneta rooms only. No pets or children please.
  • Additional nights/weeks are pro-rated @ the nightly rate
  • Sermoneta Room
    -paired with the Ninfa Studio‚Ä®: $15/night ($450/month)
    Caetani Room
    -Writer’s Live/Work space (no separate studio): $15/night ($450/month)
    -paired with the Ninfa Studio: $20/night ($600/month)
    Fogliano Room 
    -Single bed / smaller room
    -Writer’s Live/Work space (no separate studio): $10/night ($300/month)
    -Paired with the Ninfa Studio: $15/night ($450/month)
    Perfect for a writer, digital artist, curator, cultural researcher, etc.

Please note:

  • The fee does not include travel expenses, food, health insurance, art materials, shipping, exhibition costs, or other personal expenses.
  • Most participants apply for grants to institutions, foundations, universities, government agencies, etc. in their country/province of origin to assist with funding.
  • Pricing is tiered based on the length of the residency and the specific needs of the proposed project.
  • The Caetani Centre does not provide daily cleaning of the studios or rooms, or daily meals. Residents are expected to maintain their studio spaces and rooms, shared common areas of the kitchen, bathroom and other common areas in a clean, tidy and orderly manner, with respect for the other residents using the space.

Please note that the Caetani Artist & Writer Residencies are specific programs of creative exploration and study which we provide at affordable and accessible rates through our not for profit mandate to artists, writers and creative individuals.
We are not a hotel, or a B&B.
For ALL AIR and WIR programs, the successful applicant is required to submit a reservation/cancellation deposit of $200 upon acceptance to their program. This will be invoiced via PayPal and can be paid on-line in Canadian funds.

PLEASE NOTE: This also acts as a damage/cleaning deposit, and this will be refunded via PayPal following the completion of the specified program.
The Caetani residencies include a private room, and also have shared spaces (kitchen, living and bathroom). The visiting residents are expected to keep all spaces clean and tidy in a timely manner. Additional fees may be charged if we feel that this requirement is not being satisfactorily met, and will be deducted from the final refund.

In the event of cancellation by the artist after committing to the accepted program, the Caetani Cultural Centre reserves the right to retain up to and including the full amount on deposit. The Centre will make every effort to find a substitute artist to take the place of the accepted artist in the event of cancellation. A minimum $50 processing fee will be retained if another artist agrees to take your place.

NOTE TO ALL INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: Please ensure that you apply far enough in advance and that you are able to travel, have visas and passports in order and are able to accept a residency for the dates specified prior to making application. Cancellation fees and restrictions will apply.

Self-Directed Residencies for Artists and Writers In Okanagan Valley

Self-Directed Residencies for Artists and Writers In Okanagan Valley


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