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YÖRÜK - The Song of The Cave

Approaching the spring Equinox, join us for our second nomadic settlement ´The Song of The Cave´.

YÖRUK - The Song of The Cave
At the edge of winter, yörük make the trek from the deep plains, to the fires and lakes of the highlands. Arriving with collaborators, bundles, pots, thoughts, homes and conversations. Setting up their retreat to dream a new way. 
Approaching the spring Equinox, join us for our second nomadic settlement The Song of The Cave; a week combining artistic, spiritual and ecological practices to form a holistic and collective exploration of the shadow.
The week will consist of daily yoga, movement and meditation practices, creative group workshops and individual processes, nature explorations, sharing circles and sound baths. We are lucky to be hosted by Laya Point, a beautiful permaculture nestled within the magic curves of Duddon Valley in The Lake District.

Within the place of deep rest sleeps the songs of our soul, our greatest creative powers. It is not what you need to learn anew, but what you can awaken a fresh that is the essential power of winter. Join us for a sacred gathering as we enter the

Cave of hearts
Cave of winter
Cave of rest
Cave of shadows 
           Cave of light 

This gathering is designed to connect us with our authentic expression, creativity and inner landscape, bringing together our 4 lands methodology for five days of ecological and creative exploration within a beautiful natural setting. The intention of the gathering is inspired by how the seasons allow themselves to rest and restore, compositing each year into the underworld before rebirthing new crops of life.
We are increasingly disconnected with this innate cycle within us, in our lives as individuals, in our creative powers and our listening within community. In order to reclaim something of these innermost knowings we must allow ourselves to collectively, within us and around us, follow a seasonal cycle, of rest and renewal. Allowing the spring of new creation to have the deep roots it needs to sustain itself and to grow in abundance.
The 5 days will guide you into a process of exploration of your inner cave and your inner wisdom. Leading into the dark moon we will join in collective creative process, ceremony, movement and yogic practices. Pausing at the point of emergence before the equinox, and arriving with clairity at this poignant stage of uniting the inner and outer polarities of dark and light.
The process will be guided by the archetypes of autumn, winter and renewal across Celtic and Eastern mythology guiding you into connection with your own inner archetype and relationship with the qualities of these energies. We will delve into material maps and landscape processes to support us to draw in these energies. Working our way through the elements and finding support in their qualities within us.

Our gathering will be hosted at Laya point, a beautiful and humble permaculture community nestled within the Duddon Valley in the Lake District UK, amongst the ancient fells and rivers. Here we will form a collective household where the holding of the house will be a shared contribution from everyone present. We will consider the ‘household’ to be made up of a variety of tactile and etheric gestures: motions, actions, makings and homecomings, deeply integrating the source of what makes a home and where that is in each of us. Through this collective  ‘holding’ the process will enable a reflection of the role of ‘home’ and kinship in the current societal climate.

The gathering will

  •        Offer an immersive programme of 'source-gestures', combining creative practice with shared ritual
  •        Offer movement meditation, yoga, performative walks, sound healing, collective ceremony
  •        Experiment with performance
  •        Explore collective improvisation
  •        Work with elemental materials and handheld knowledge
  •        Navigate inner mythologies to cultivate your own unique seasonal map
  •        Redefine the way you feel about rest and shadow
  •        Re awaken the feminine principle
  •        Empower your authentic creativity
  •        Nurture deep self within a community
  •        Create a nomadic home-space that reconsiders what is our true home within

 “Within us dwells the friend – of the underworld…not as demon, abductor, overlord, but as the comforter who consoles with the promise of renewal.
They are the open-eyed dreamers, and what they dream into being in the underworld are the visions that rise to restore the earth. Our visions. Our power”
Dreaming the Dark, STARHAWK

£686: Full price for waged participants
£625: Early bird price before 15th January
£575: Limited concession price

All prices include
Course fees, workshop materials, 3 meals of Organic Food per day, hot drinks and shared accommodation.

We want to make our gatherings accessible and can offer a limited number of concessionary places per workshop and are also happy to offer payment plans.

All accommodation will be in the farmhouse and on a shared basis of 2-3 people per room.

Nearest station is Foxfield. Lifts to Laya Point will be arranged from there. Please contact us before booking your train as we will create a group pick up time. Cheaper advance tickets on trains will be available 12 weeks prior to travel.

About us
We have collaborated through our socially engaged art practice Fourthland, for over 7 years making objects and gatherings in order to create new myths about land and people. Each new myth formed in turn leads to the production of an ecosystem of objects, performances, ceremonies and re-enactments. Sometimes working directly with the land and at others creating a new language through the connection with the sacred through object and gesture. Our work honors the feminine principle, and alternative societies in all aspects of practice, bringing unconventional groups of people together to reveal immersive potential. Based on the notion of the ‘village-scale’, our practice has seen the creation of both temporary and permanent spaces, working with the community to harvest existing knowledge amongst a variety of cultures.
Our intention of combining art and spiritual practices comes from a desire to unify ideas of ‘healing’ and ‘creativity’. Considering the close relation between ‘the artist’ and ‘the healer’, and how this important relationship plays a part in dialogues and processes of progress. Reforming our intimate experience as individual creators, to become shared vessels of creative potential. Through this our practice explores how art practice and making with our hands can inform and initiate an intimate healing of ourselves, the community and furthermore our society. Coming into deep contact with our authentic creativity.
We have hosted extensive workshop programmes and exhibitions, as well as permanent ecological space in the city. In addition to our artist practice, we have both trained as yoga instructors, in Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance, as well as gong healing and movement practice, and our experience include hosting yoga retreats, sound healing and movement meditation sessions. Our recent work has been hosted and exhibited with SPACE gallery, Barbican, Arnolfini, PEER gallery and South London Gallery Local. 

YÖRÜK - The Song of The Cave

YÖRÜK - The Song of The Cave

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