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Spring Session In The Artist Hub Of Istanbul

Feel welcomed to enjoy the artistic circle of Istanbul while working on your project!


Halka art project is a self-sustaining art organisation based in Istanbul which focuses on the production, discourse and presentation of contemporary art and culture. Halka art project runs curated individual or group exhibitions, artist talks, screenings and workshops on art, ecology, culinary arts and self-sustaining community issues, as well as an international residency programme.
The aim of the residency programme is to provide a centre of concentration, collaboration and/or isolation for the artists and theoricians from various disciplines in order to create and develop their artistic projects. The programme supports their guest artists in finding connections from local and international circles, sharing ideas, exchanging experiences. It also aims to form a basis for local and international collaborations.

Duration of residency 
Between 4 weeks - 3 months 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Writers and artists focused on visual arts, new media, performing arts, textile art are welcome to apply to our residency programme for Winter 2018. We encourage all artists who have a project idea to pursuit to come join us, we are looking forward to hearing your unique idea to be realized with halka art project.
Halka gives primary importance to the usage of assets like human, intellectual, technical and spatial  in favour of the artist projects conducted in the residency. They vary from personal assistance to artists,curating, production facilities and promotional activities to allocating Halka art/ gallery as an exhibition space. Halka art/ residency has a wireless internet connection, a printer and a beamer for presentations.

Accommodation and studio/ workspace
halka art project residency programme offers its artists private rooms with working units within, aside from the co-shared studio spaces, a co-shared kitchen, bathrooms, a recreational garden and a gallery space for meetings, exhibitions and artist talks.

Fees and support
Since halka art project is a self-sustaining, independent art formation it has to create its own resources to keep working. The residency costs 375 € weekly for individual artists and 550€ weekly for duos. In return, halka art project not only provides residental and working/presenting space for its participants but also provides curotorial support, artistic assistance and exhibition management, required technical resources (beamers, printers, screens etc.) for the artst usage and sets to motion its networking channels for the promotion of artists events.  

Expectations towards the artist
For the residency terms no less than four weeks we organize and co-curate exhibitions if the project requires one. As a creative centre focusing on the production, discourse and presentation of contemporary art and culture halka art project is not only an art residency, a gallery, an atelier and a recreational space but a gathering place, a dialogue and a meeting platform. Each participant of the programme is expected to present an outcome of their residency project to share with the local audience. The form of this presentation will be determined in accordance with the project developped. It can be an artist talk, a workshop, a lecture or an exhibition.

Application information 

Spring Session In The Artist Hub Of Istanbul

Spring Session In The Artist Hub Of Istanbul


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