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La Ira de Dios April/May 2018 residency program in Buenos Aires

Six-week collaborative work in Buenos Aires for international and local artists.

La Ira de Dios is an independent non-profit institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina. LID facilitates artistic exchange and develops the practice of contemporary art through residencies, associations and public programs. Its main objective is to provide a space for experimentation, reflection and exchange between national and international artists and researchers. Since 2010 we have held more than 40 exhibitions, and more than 80 artists and curators from 24 countries participated in our residency programs.
In 2018 LID begins a new stage by moving its residency programs to cheLA, a center for experimentation in art, technology and community-based in an old industrial building with 5000 m2. cheLA –an initiative of Fundación EXACTA and the Digital Cultures Program of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)– is a space created to promote creation in art, technology and transdisciplinary research.

April 16 – May 27
We host three intensive residency programs a year. For each program, we select a group up to 10 international and local artists, curators and researchers. The group shares working spaces and participates in a number of activities as each one immerses in new or ongoing projects.
The program is structured to create a space of creative exchange for a group of international and local artist, curators, and researchers.
For this program, we invite Gema Melgar, Matadero Madrid residency coordinator, to work with the group and propose specific activities. Residents also have the assistance of both a production coordinator and the directors of the project, Carolina Magnin and Pablo Caligaris.
The residency culminates in an open studio which is an integral part of our program of exhibitions. The schedule of activities also includes visits to relevant art spaces in Buenos Aires, open presentations of the participants, and visits from other educational programs, artists, curators, and critics.
Participants are expected to contribute actively to the workshop and research activities in addition to sharing their individual experiences with other residents.

Program duration
6 weeks

The group shares working spaces. Our project is hosted in cheLA building, an 5000 square meters former factory with big spaces for artistic projects, a big patio, among other facilities.

The building has two beautiful living areas, with 4 single and 3 double rooms, 2 kitchen spaces, and living rooms.

The artists will be working with the guest curator, a production coordinator, a general assistant and the directors of the project.

Workshop equipment
Power and general tools and basic materials.

Fees and support
Single room $1200 USD
Double room $1000 USD
Includes: accommodation, work space, basic materials, activities.
Does not include: living expenses, specific materials and production.
Our project fully grants Argentine artists. We also have international agreements for foreign artists and help actively in the research for funding. For artists applying for grants and scholarships in their home country, LID can provide official documents and letters of invitation. 


Please send an email to
• Sample of previous work (PDF file under 5mb)
• Brief outline of potential concepts to explore during residency period and expectations towards the program
• CV

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La Ira de Dios April/May 2018 residency program in Buenos Aires

La Ira de Dios April/May 2018 residency program in Buenos Aires


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