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Tropic 08 °N Arts, Ecology + Community Program (In collaboration with Guna Yala Indigenous Province)

A remote research-base engulfed by wild nature for intl. artists to explore and develop projects.

Description of Residency
Tropic 08 °N exists at the gateway between South and Central America, in one of the richest biomes on earth, in collaboration with the first politically autonomous indigenous group in Latin America. Here community and respect for mother earth remains at the heart of this place, despite increased connections to the globalised world.

This program offers participants a unique chance to reconnect with nature and share with indigenous + rural communities who live from the land and sea with ancient knowledge still carried through their culture.

Live this transformative experience with an international group of participants, in a supportive and creative environment that seeks to experiment and push boundaries of researching and developing progressive interdisciplinary works, in relation to relevant subjects of our time.

Tropic 08°N is a self-directed program over 21 - 42 days offering the space, time, and inspiration to develop new projects in order to promote necessary dialogues and understanding between remote areas of this planet and cities worldwide.

La Wayaka Currrent is an artist-led initiative founded in 2015. It has grown to provide an essential link to remote nature and cultures. We have social + environmental concerns and our work manifests in arts & cultural projects, residence and research programs at multiple locations, collaborations, interdisciplinary works and international exhibitions.

This has become vital given the pressing issues the planet is now facing. Through partnerships with remote communities living in close connection to nature, projects are developed to re-evaluate modern ways of life, expand awareness and create necessary dialogues between these remote locations to others in the world.

With temporal bases we have set up in Europe, South and Central America - Tropic 8 ° N, Desert 23 ° S, & Arctic 78 ° N we open applications for international emerging to established artists as well as professionals in other fields, to develop projects that relate to these concerns in a multitude of ways.

Duration of residency
Duration 21 / 42 days.

Dates for 2018
May 17 - June 7, 2018
June 10 - July 1, 2018
September 25 - October 16, 2018
October 18 - November 8, 2018 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All disciplines are welcome to participate in the project to create a dynamic, collaborative and open environment. Disciplines include visual arts, performing arts, music / sound arts, writing, film etc.

Natural materials and local tools are available for participants to discover and use in sustainable ways, learning about local techniques in a supportive community environment.

A shared room in accommodation constructed by locals in the heart of the community, simple with shower, toilet and communal space with areas to work and relax. If you would like to request a single room please contact us for availability and fees. Stay connected with other creative participants and focus on your projects while we take care of daily logistics.

Studio/ Workspace
Create in a communal and diverse workspace in the heart of the community where you will have the opportunity to utilize basic, local tools and materials in a creative + supportive environment.

Participants are encouraged to integrate the natural environment into their practice, working within the elements of the coast, rainforest or within the local community.

Cost and Support
The total program fee is £1200 with financial aid / 21 days (£2200 with financial aid / 42 days)

This covers participants accommodation, meals + safe drinking water on location, working space, lecture series, participant resources, location on-site support (english speaking), local transfers, research trips, activities, community taxes, opportunities to showcase projects, demonstrations with local practitioners, support in finding further funding and program related fees.

We charge no application fees.

Expectations towards the artist
We expect participants to make the most out of this unique experience and develop exciting project proposals in relation to the location. We offer opportunities to exhibit works with us internationally after the program.

Application information
We run a series of rolling deadlines in the period upcoming to our programs. Decisions on applications take between 10-15 days after the deadlines. (check our website for latest deadlines)

Fill out our online application form, provide a link to demonstrate recent work and develop a project proposal in relation to the location along with an explanation of your past experience and a short bio that may be used on our website if accepted. If you are applying for financial aid please check the appropriate box on the application form.

For applications of more than 1 person an individual must fill out one application on behalf of the group. or contact us for more information 

Tropic 08 °N Arts, Ecology + Community Program (In collaboration with Guna Yala Indigenous Province)

Tropic 08 °N Arts, Ecology + Community Program (In collaboration with Guna Yala Indigenous Province)


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