Deadline: 30/04/2019

Carpe diem Residency

An interdisciplinary artistsĀ“ residency on "Art and Nature".

Carpe diem residency is an artist-in-residence programs for artists, designed to provide an enriching time and space away from their usual social environment and domestic obligations. The idea behind the program is to facilitate a stimulating eco-system or co-inhabiting space for artists to participate, research, produce and reflect on an emerging body of work. It allows a fellow artist to explore his/her practice within another community of artists; meeting new people, using new materials and experiencing life organically in a new location. 

Our residency is situated at a permaculture farm in the outskirts of Hyderabad in India. 

The theme for our upcoming program is “Art and Nature”. We would like to explore the relationship between art and nature, and the functional aspect of art - art that goes beyond aesthetics. 

Bringing ecology into art and design takes the conversation from scarcity to abundance. Recently, the concept of upcycling has been a major influence for artists and environmentalists alike. We would like the resident artists to explore this connection and the concept of ‘art as ecological restoration’ for their work during the residency. As we integrate nature in our creation everything is a potential tool for the artist and everything is our canvas. 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Artsists from all disciplines are welcome to apply. 

Artist's must bring there own equipment and art supplies. We will provide working tables/ mats. The residency has huge open spaces for work and performance. We can guide them about local art shops if they want to purchase anything. 

All accommodations are on twin sharing basis. The Artists will be provided a 3 bedroom cottage with twin beds and attached bathrooms. The cottage has a hall, a patio and a kitchen. The farm has other living spaces which will be occupied by the curators and the farm managers and owners. 

For more details read the Guidelines and FAQ in our website.

Studio/ workspace
Will be provided. 

Fees and support
Fees for the residency is USD 600 for early bird deadline and USD 650 for late deadline applications. 

Expectations towards the artist
All artists are expected to conduct a workshop or give a presentation on their work to the fellow residents. Interaction and discussion with fellow residents are encouraged. 

Since the theme is "Art and Nature" as described above, we would encourage the artists to explore the concept of "ecological restoration" in their work during the residency. 

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Carpe diem Residency

Carpe diem Residency


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