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PLAYA | Residencies for Artists and Scientists

Place-Based Residency Program in the Oregon Outback. Curated cohorts of creatives.

Description of the residency program
PLAYA’s residencies are open to artists, naturalists, biologists, designers, sustainability leaders, social practice artists, activists, musicians, visual artists, writers, performing artists, and collaborations and individuals engaged in interdisciplinary work or other forms of creative research. PLAYA welcomes a range of applicants with an established history of accomplishment. However, applicants must exhibit a recent history of focused work within the discipline for which they are applying. Also, they must address, in the application, their ability to thrive in a remote, isolated community and be self-directed in their work. All residents’ work must be compatible with PLAYA’s available studio spaces, facilities, and resources, and policies within PLAYA’s rural setting. 

Duration of residency
We offer 2, 3, or 4-week residencies. International applicants will be considered for a 6-week residency.

Disciplines, work equipment, and assistance
Studios are available to accommodate printmaking, dance, music composition, visual and video arts, and certain areas of scientific research. Due to our small staff and remote location, you will need to be self-sufficient and take care of your needs. See our website for a complete list of equipment offered.

Nice furnished cabins with plumbing and basic kitchens. 

Studio/ workspace
We make every attempt to ensure that your living quarters and workspace are suitable for your needs. However, we cannot guarantee absolute satisfaction. PLAYA’s private living quarters and studios are unique and variable, and assigned with the intent to balance the needs of the residents with available space. Switching spaces is not possible. If your residency’s purpose or specific project requires overnight excursions off-site, these must have been described and explained in your application.

The Commons
The Commons building is available to all residents 24 hours a day. There, residents share living, lounging and dining areas, kitchen, and laundry. The Commons building has a commercial kitchen, a space for yoga or dancing, a ping-pong table, a loft work area with a projection screen, and a library. PLAYA provides an iMac desktop computer in the Commons for the exclusive, shared use of residents for email and limited Internet access (please see the section on Internet Access in this document for details). In addition, a telephone is available in the Commons for residents to use, with free long-distance calls within the United States.

Studio Work Spaces

  • Sandhill Studio – Printmaking, Book Arts, and Visual Arts – Well Equipped Print Studio can work up to “22 W X 30” L
  • 3 Manual Etching Presses (Small, Medium, Large)
    • Small table top 26’’ W X 48 ‘ L
    • Takach table top  29 7/8 “ W X 48 1/2” L
    • Large floor Model Flywheel bed size 32’’ W X 72” L
    • Blankets
    • One Roller
    • A paper cutter
    • A book press
    • Cooking Oil
    • Hair dryer
    • Hot Plate
    • One roller
    • 4 printing boards
    • Hot Plate
    • Large tub for soaking
  • Avocet Studio – Multi-Purpose Visual Art Studio
  • Outdoor Ceramic Studio – We have one wheel, and one kiln with manual controls – Duncan – Not to go over Cone 06
  • Wildcat Studio – Multi-Purpose Studio
  • Diablo – Multi-Purpose Studio
  • #10 Studio – Multi-Purpose Studio
  • Movement Studio in Commons
  • Moonglade: Music & Multipurpose Studio (When in doubt, bring it)

Studios are available to accommodate printmaking, dance, music composition, visual and video arts, and certain areas of scientific research. Studios are equipped with worktables, chairs, stools, a utility sink, cabinets, shelving, and track lighting. Blinds allow individuals to control the amount of outside light. Several walls in each studio are covered in fiberboard; nails, staples, etc. and metal stripping for use with magnets may be used to hang work-in-progress on these surfaces.  Standard, stocked items for each studio are cloth rags, stepladders, disposal bins and individual toolkits including hammers, pliers, wire cutters, a straight edge, levels, and an assortment of nails and brads. T-squares, heavy-duty extension cords, and a variable speed drill are available. A few easels and additional worktables are also available upon request. Upon arrival, PLAYA staff will orient each artist on proper hazardous waste disposal.

Residents are urged to bring an adequate stock of materials and supplies for their session. Please bring any tools or pieces of equipment needed on a continual basis. Bring your favorite art or tool supply catalog as well in case you need to mail order additional specialized supplies while at PLAYA. UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS are prompt in delivery.

Writers’ Work Spaces
All cabins have a desk and an office chair. Standard stocked desk items are: a stapler, push-pins, paper clips, a bulletin board, and a small bookcase. Writers are responsible for bringing their own writing tools, materials, and equipment, such as legal pads, laptops, printers, and plenty of paper.

Fees and support
We require a $35.00 application fee and a $150.00 dollar security deposit.

Expectations towards the artist
Artists that want to share their work with the community may do so. It is optional. 

Application information
Please follow the link for more information and to apply. Applications open July 1st, 2019 - http:// 

PLAYA | Residencies for Artists and Scientists

PLAYA | Residencies for Artists and Scientists

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