Deadline: 18/08/2019

Open Call for the Spazju Kreattiv Artists´ Residency

An experience at the heart of the Mediterranean.

Fondazzjoni Kreattività invites creatives from all fields to apply for an immersive and community-based artist-in-residence programme for 2020. Duration varies from two to four weeks for residencies and projects taking place between February 2020 and December 2020.

These residencies are based in the context of a growing cultural creative scene in Malta, in-line with Fondazzjoni Kreattività’s remit of being a catalyst of contemporary expression, a legacy of the Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture in collaboration with the Valletta Design Cluster and Arts Council Malta’s Strategy 2020.

Our residency programme aims to enrich cultural diversity within the national creative scene by encouraging encounters and exchanges between international and Maltese artists, the creative collaborators and communities as well as the physical and virtual environments. The residency framework will provide the time for research and development as well as opportunities to engage with communities in the presentation of work.

Fondazzjoni Kreattività offers the following opportunities for artist residencies in the Maltese Islands.


Duration: 3 – 4 weeks
Location: Valletta, Malta
Number of Residencies: 3 (minimum)

Starting in 2019/2020, Fondazzjoni Kreattività is embarking on a multi-annual collaboration with the Valletta Design Cluster, a community space for cultural and creative practice situated in the renovated Old Abattoir building (Il-Biċċerija) in Valletta. The Valletta Design Cluster forms part of the Valletta Cultural Agency, a legacy organisation from the European Capital of Culture in Valletta, Malta in 2018. The residencies, which are based in Valletta, are mainly targeted towards artists and creatives from the Global South/Euromed/MENA Countries. Preference will be given to applications dealing with social, demographic and cultural changes in urban heritage zones undergoing rapid urban transformation.

These residencies will seek to provide selected artists-in-residence opportunities to collaborate with specific local communities having a shared interest in long-standing traditions, social trends and contemporary creative practices, including engagement with material culture (‘making’), urban space, and placemaking practices. Artists/creatives will have the opportunity to use the Valletta Design Cluster facilities, including digital fabrication equipment at its makerspace, co-working facilities, meeting / workshop rooms, foodspace, and public areas including its roof garden. Each residency can accommodate up to four (4) collaborating artists/practitioners, centred around a clearly identified core project/theme. Where the applicant is more than a single artist/practitioner, a justification needs to be provided showing how the identified theme will be addressed in a multidisciplinary multi-perspectival manner.


Duration: 3 – 4 weeks
Location: Gozo
Number of Residencies: 2
The residency projects to be based in Gozo, rural sister island of Malta, will be planned within a close-knit community and are designed to maximise cultural immersion within the island and its communities; with its landscapes, seascapes and soundscapes, and the contemporary exploration of cultural diversity that exists there.


Duration: 2 – 3 weeks
Location: Malta
Number of residencies: 2
The residency is an opportunity for children and young people between 0-17 years to actively participate in a project with creatives who are sensitive to working within such contexts. The initiative is part of the Fondazzjoni Kreattività aim for active involvement and empowerment of upcoming generations in creativity. The strand is organised in collaboration with ŻiguŻajg International Arts Festival for Children and Young People and Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, the National Youth Organisation.

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Open Call for the Spazju Kreattiv Artists´ Residency

Open Call for the Spazju Kreattiv Artists´ Residency


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