Antwerpen Artist in Residence

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Brief description of residency program

International residency project for visual artists

AIR Antwerpen is centered around the contemporary artistic practice and focuses on individual artistic needs of the emerging visual artist. The organisation guides the artist in a process-based project, with time and space as a premise for a site-specific and contextual practice.

As an independent institute in a (supra) national network AIR Antwerp is offering national and international artists a temporary stay in a specific environment with selected partners. AIR Antwerpen values its unique and experimental identity and guarantees a consistent quality and competitively range of artists, partners and projects.

AIR Antwerpen nurtures intercultural dialogue that arises from its local roots and the cultural, social and political current environment that Belgium offers. Embedded in a city with a glorious past and a vibrant contemporary art scene, AIR Antwerpen triggers conversational exchange between past and present, local and global.

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Residency conditions

Duration of residencies
  • between 3 and 6 months
Number of artists resident at one time


Application who/how

By Invitation only

Description of residency



Number of studios


Type and size of studios

Live-work space

  • Private Room
Working language(s)
  • English
Other activities happening at the space
  • Workshops
  • Presentation
  • Films
  • Exhibitions
  • Cafe/Restaurant

How to reach

By car

Contact information

Antwerpen Artist in Residence
Kielsevest 23-25
2018 Antwerpen

Phone: 0471417879
Fax: +32 3 485 51 88

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Antwerpen Artist in Residence Antwerpen Artist in Residence Antwerpen Artist in Residence Antwerpen Artist in Residence