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Villa Hellebosch, a spacious property surrounded by rustic parkland, in a domain of several hectars with meadows and hundred-year-old beech woods, is hidden away in the folds of the hills and valleys of the Pajottenland countryside.

The hostess, Alexandra Cool, opens her home as a welcoming space where writers, translators, artists, essayists and academics can work, meet and live in complete tranquillity.

Villa Hellebosch is situated at Vollezele (Galmaarden), 25km south-west of Brussels, in a region of the Flemish Brabant, close to the linguistic border.

Brief description of residency program

Since October 2004, foreign authors have been living and working at Villa Hellebosch for several weeks at a time. Invited by the literary association �Het Beschrijf�, some dozen writers from all over the world have resided here.


From 2010 onwards, different formulas for residency are proposed. You will find additional information on these possibilities under:

http://www.hellebosch.com/residents_aan1.php?lang=eng>Foreign authors

http://www.hellebosch.com/residents_aan2.php?lang=eng>Belgian, francophone and Dutch-speaking writers and translators

http://www.hellebosch.com/residents_aan4.php?lang=eng>Artists, essayists and academics from Belgium and abroad

These propositions are not exclusive. Other possibilities of residency can be taken into consideration. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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heystraat 7
1570 vollezele


Phone: 32495901536

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