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BLOCKFREI is an independent cultural organization founded in 2013 in Vienna. It is conceived as a platform for innovative cultural praxis with the goal to support the co-operation between cultural groups from Austria and other countries around the globe, with a special emphasis on South-Eastern Europe. Furthermore, considering that national groups from the mentioned region form a significant part of the Austrian society today and the great importance of the current and future interaction between the two, BLOCKFREI is aiming to contribute to the higher visibility of immigrant cultural and art production which is undoubtedly embedding itself into Austrian cultural landscape.

After successfully carrying out projects Curators´ Agenda: VIENNA (2018, 2017, 1016, 2015) and Curator´s Connection (2013), BLOCKFREI is announcing a new open call for the fifth edition of the program Curators´ Agenda: VIENNA 2019, a six-week curators-in-residence program. Envisioned as an intensive residency for international, emerging curators from all around the globe, the program is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of the contemporary Viennese art scene, as well as to establish a network among its partakers.

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Curators’ Agenda: VIENNA 2019

BLOCKFREI is currently running the open call for the 5th edition of the Curators\' Agenda: VIENNA 2019 - Residency program for emerging international curators. The deadline is the 3rd of June. The program will include up to 10 selected emerging curators. It lasts for 6 weeks and it takes place in Vienna from 16th of September - 31st of October 2019. The program is both theoretical and practical. As a final task of the program, the curators are executing a mutual group show at Krinzinger Projekte.

We are collaborating with our partners of many years, The University of Applied Arts in Vienna and majority of classes takes place there, but we also go into in-depth research of the contemporary art scene all around Vienna.

These are the activities take place during the first 4 weeks, 3 days a week (Mo-Wed):
visits to artists’ studios, museums, off spaces, art collections, meetings with both institutional and free-lance curators, specially designed guided tours through exhibitions in various museums and galleries as well as visiting current programs, which are taking place at that moment (viennacontemporary, Parallel Vienna, Vienna Biennale, curated by). Thursdays are reserved for feedback sessions in order to discuss participants’ needs, to reflect on the previous week together, as well as to have time to concentrate on the preparations for the group exhibition and the upcoming workshop. On Fridays, the weekly theoretical workshops related to the exhibition conceptualisation are taking place.
The working day starts at 10/11am and with breaks in between lasts till 6/7pm, consisting of approximately around 6 hours of intensive program per working day.

The remaining 2 weeks of the program are focused on the exhibition preparation and have different and more flexible timing.

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Disciplines and media
  • Educational Programmes
  • Curatorial
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  • Independent Association/Foundation


Residency conditions

Duration of residencies
  • between 1 and 3 months
Number of artists resident at one time

between 5 and 10

Companions allowed
  • Other

Considering that this residency program is not enabling accommodation facilities, selected applicants, according to their needs and possibilities, should independently choose their place of staying. Therefore, it is participants´ decision.

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  • Travel
  • Housing
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  • Exhibition
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  • Supplies
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Urban- Selected participants will have an intensive six- week program during which, most of the activities will be held in the urban environment of the city of Vienna.

  • Internet Connection
  • Activities of Curators´ Agenda program will take place at different locations in the city of Vienna: museums, galleries, artist run spaces, etc.
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  • English
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BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication

Phone: +436602806045

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BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication