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ARTErra 2017-Be a a.i.r (multidisciplinary-Open Call)

Perfect art escape residency in a rural and quiet landscape and envoirement to be creative.

Description of residency program
ARTErra´s rural art residencie (studio´s and house)  is placed in Lobão da Beira-(Tondela), a village quiet and green in PORTUGAL.

ARTErra is a private structure of incentive for artistic creation which aims to facilitate en­counters between different artists and aesthetic disciplines.ARTERRA is strongly committed to offering the residents a cheerful and productive stay. Because of that, part­nerships have been established with several partners such as the Municipality of Tondela and Lobão da Beira and many others crafters, schools and artists.

Duration of residency
You can chose to apply for 1 week up to 6 months.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
ARTErra is a multidisciplinary residency, we host all kind of artists.

All the work spaces are preaperd to be adapted to the specificities of the project. We host multidisciplinarie residencies.

Accommodation and studio/ workspace
We offer two distinct spaces: the house where the residents can do the meals, rest, meet each other. In the other space, the "creation yard", with different work places, ateliers, studio, blackbox, documentation center, recording facilities ,and peaceful gardens.

All the work spaces are preaperd to be adapted to the specificities of the project. We host multidisciplinarie residencies.

Also in the main square of the vilage we have a small workshop room/gallery  that can be used to do work , workshops and presentations. Is a space that allows exchanges with the local comunities and bigger exposure.

He have several services (translation, curatorial, production,graphic,etc) and amenities (laundry,bicicles,extra cleaning, etc) that you can request for.

Fees and support
I can tell you as a reference price that 1 week 1 person in a single room is approx 165€ (+23%Vat) and 2 persons in a double room is approx 275€ (+23%VAT).

Extra Day- 40€ 1 person

Expectations towards the artist
It´s not mandatory at all to do any kind of public presentation or interaction with the community.

Application information
This is the link and what you need to apply:

All aplications are shortly review and if accepted budget according to the needs and requests.

Please visit our blog and  our site to learn more about us at:

contact us:

Don´t hesitate contacting us if you are looking for a place to develop your artistic project.

ARTErra 2017-Be a a.i.r (multidisciplinary-Open Call)

ARTErra 2017-Be a a.i.r (multidisciplinary-Open Call)


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