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Córtex Frontal open call 2017

We welcome professional artists, researchers, workgroups and art students.

Description of residency program
Córtex Frontal is a private structure of incentive to the creation. Located in Arraiolos, a small town in Alentejo Region. The project is open to creative minds searching for time to reflect, discuss and create. We welcome professional artists, researchers, workgroups and art students.

Duration of residency
3 weeks - 3 months


  • Painting / Drawing
  • Printmaking (in collaboration with Imagem Impressa Association)
  • Video / Film making
  • Dance /Theatre
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Sculpture: ceramics
  • Textile Art
  • Literature/Poetry
  • Educational Programmes
  • Landscape Design, Art and Agriculture

Residency structure
Depending on your time/plans in the residency we can give you some support in order to schedule and give a direction to your work here.

For that, a committee of local artists can assist you at the beginning, middle and end of your residency.

In this regard your residency time could be divided in 3 periods:

1st period: Getting to know the space and getting an idea of a project.

2nd period: Producing your project.

3rd period: Showing your project.

The Córtex Frontal house has 7 rooms with a full kitchen, furniture, laundry, and heating. Artists each have a private bedroom, but share the kitchen and, some of them, the bathroom as well. 

Studio/ workspace
The house has a lot of different spaces so according to the artist´s needs we will assign a studio.

From April to November: 84€/week, 360€/month

From November to April (heating period): 105€/week, 450€/month

Expectations towards the artist
Exhibition, seminar, workshop
Donation of a work if possible

Application information
Please send the following information in your application email:

  • Personal information
  • Application period
  • Discipline
  • CV, website or e-portfolio
  • Brief description of your project or goal of this residency
  • List of materials or conditions that you will need for your work
  • Housing needs

Córtex Frontal open call 2017

Córtex Frontal open call 2017


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