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Art Residency in Lisbon-Open Call

The Euroatla residency is an independent focused program opened for emerging and stablished artists

Description of residency program
This residency is an opportunity for international artists to stay and work in Lisbon for one to three months. The Euroatla residency is an independent artist space , with an independent focused program opened for emerging and established artists that are looking for a place of reflection away from their usual environment and that are self-sufficient on their research. It is a non prescriptive residency program with aim of facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge among the artists besides their individual research and production projects. While in residence, the artists will benefit from production time enhanced by the exchange of ideas and experiences with peers. The residency provides accommodation and living space. It allows for mutual enrichment through professional and emotive approaches for new experiences and aesthetic realities. The resident / visiting artists enjoy a dynamic and vibrant time frame for working; they have a studio and living space at their disposal to complete their projects. They also network with and within the local art community, cultural institutions and the public at large.

Duration of residency
 The minimum period required is one month and the maximum 3 months

Disciplines supported and technical information
Euroatla is open to emerging and established artists from all disciplines within the visual arts. It is also open to emerging and established writers, researchers & curators from all disciplines - from novelists, non-fiction writers, screenwriters to playwrights.

Euroatla  provides individual apartment as well as an artist studio

Studio/ workspace
Thanks to the configuration of the space, artists are able combine their stay and production within the same residence and in great conditions. Our space has an living and working space self contained withing a sudio with more portuguese artists.

Fees and support
Euroatla is an independent project. We are currently unable to provide financial support for visiting artists. For artists applying for grants and scholarships in their home country Euroatla can provide official documents and letters of invitation as necessary.

HANGAR has 1 very large private apartment with private bathroom and kitchen facilities. There is some studio equipment like D:Y:A equipment, some multimedia equipment to share and 24h hour wireless internet. Euroatlas has contacts with organizations in Lisbon (photography darkrooms, video editing and print making facilities) that can provide equipment and services for visiting artists at reduced rates. Studios include basic furnishings (desk and chair). Access to office equipment (photocopiers, computers for email and internet) are available upon request during office hours.

Expectations towards the artist
Each artist, curator or writer receives exclusive and highly-personalised support from our  team.

The Residency  team provides support for all aspects of the residency  and this is determiined acording to each need of the artists.

Application information
Application is free.This residency is through an open call with a juri selection. The artist has to find their own sponsor in their country to cover the expenses. This residency format accepts spontaneous application.

For further information on applying please contact:

Application Requirements
Applications must include the following:

CV - Your current CV (700 words max)

PROPOSAL  - A written description of your proposed project. Your description should include specifics for how you plan to use your time in the residency at EUROATLA. We are interested in Self-suficcient work and artists that are conducing their own personal projects

STATEMENT - A general statement about your work and brief explanation of your submitted images or text. (250 words max)

WORK SAMPLES - A portfolio of your recent work submitted

Art Residency in Lisbon-Open Call

Art Residency in Lisbon-Open Call


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