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Artist-in-Residence Application | Homesession

Since 2007 Homesession has been a catalyst for creation in the field of visual arts.

Description of residency program
Homesession is an independent art space for artists, curators, collectives and artistic projects. Set in the center of Barcelona, it favors the exchange of ideas, the experimentation of new concepts, multicultural exchanges and the artists´s mobility.
Homesession calls for residency at our dependency located in Poble Sec area (Barcelona, Spain). We offer a suitable space in the center of the city, allowing permeate every one of the interests that the resident wants to work and develop. In addition, we take care of introducing he or she into the circuit of the city, giving spaces and meet other creative projects. We have agreements with institutions to deploy other possibilities outside the space in question and thus create a networking and collaboration.

Duration of residency
The duration of this residency is 2 months. May and June 2018

Disciplines supported and technical information
Artists in the field of visual arts, curating/ research are welcome to apply. We are open to any nationality or age, but the artists should not be currently living in Spain. Languages spoken are: Spanish, English, Catalan, French or Italian.

An 18 m2 apartment (a private bedroom with double bed, a private working space/living room, private bathroom, shared kitchen); including internet wifi, bed clothes, microwave.

Studio/ workspace
The studio available inside the apartment includes the following equipment:
- projector, monitor, dvd player, tripod, studio lights.

Fees and support
Paid by artist: 550€/ for TWO MONTHS residence.
Please note that a travel and subsistence are not included
Covered by the programme: production expenses 300€

Expectations towards the artist
The residence thus becomes a laboratory for experimentation. At the end of the process, it opens its doors to a curious and expectant audience that follows the programmes outcomes.

Application information
Add a portfolio (PDF Please fill in the following application form

Important: before sending your application, please check that your practice possibly fits with our working lines.

Selection process
Deadline February 2018.

Artist-in-Residence Application | Homesession

Artist-in-Residence Application | Homesession


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