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Experience ancient environment of primeval forests in Botopasi at the Suriname river.

Art Center Botopasi (ARTCEB) Suriname

ARTCEB, platform for progressive art exchange, is an Art Centre in Botopasi, a small village in the interior of Suriname, Caribbean South America. ARTCEB hosts among other things an international residency program to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing artistic production through cultural exchange. ARTCEB is a member of Res Artis, the worldwide network of artist-residencies and residential art centers.
ARTCEB is founded by Isidoor Wens in 2010. He was born in Botopasi and lived there until age 16. Now he lives and works as an artist in The Netherlands. In 2000 he founded the artist platform ART On The Spot (ARTOTS) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL) and has been the general manager since. He was chairman until 2009. See his experience prior to ARTCEB at 
ARTCEB is supported by the Sepù Foundation and works in partnership with ARTOTS. Through ARTOTS, ARTCEB is sponsored by Zayaz Building Corporation and also receives project funding from the civic municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch. The success of our cultural exchange projects is reliant upon the active participation of independently funded or commercially sponsored artists.
We are delighted to invite and encourage artists from all over the world to come and work in Botopasi. The residency project offers the opportunity for artists to encounter this ancient and inspiring environment and to witness its essence through the ARTCEB Sculpture Park which is a living embodiment of the primeval forest. The artists engagement helps represent its cultural richness and its evolving legacy.
We invite all disciplines. Artists have to be able to work independently. But we will always tailor your stay.
We offer:

  1. Individual residency
  2. Project residency
  3. Residency for young participants
  4. Residency for former participants

1. Individual residency
An individual residency is intended for professional artists, designers, writers, musicians and architects who want to undertake experiments with or take up the challenge to nourish cultural developments by means of art. Also artists who like the challenge and opportunity to acquire more in-depth knowledge by exploring how this residency might inspire them to develop parts of their strategic objectives.

2. Project residency
ARTCEB initiates projects in which artists or other organizations can participate. Organizations, artists or a group of artists can also realize their own projects at the residency. The project proposal has to be send to

3. Residencies for young participants
Students or recently graduated artists can use the residency to experiment. Young people who want to prepare for an arts education can spend a work period at the residency.

4. Residencies for former participants
ARTCEB builds and maintains its contacts in order to sustain, strengthen and expand its international network. Former residents and organisations will be invited to team up with ARTCEB to join and participate in future exhibitions, events and projects at hand.
Residency artists come from a wide variety of disciplines: visual artists, performers, sculptors, writers, critics, curators, designers, musicians, dancers and other arts professionals. This range of practitioners reflects our individual programs. Not only can they spend time at ARTCEB making use of all the facilities, a technical staff is also available to provide guidance during the work period.

ARTCEB is located in Botopasi, a village founded in 1895 in the interior of Suriname at the Suriname River. There are approximately 2000 inhabitants, 3 small shops, a school and a church. The village is only accessible by boat or airplane. Along the riverside there are many similar villages in the expansive habitation of the Saamakka population. All surrounding Botopasi you will find natural beautiful scenery with adventurous landscapes. Being there can create a back to basics sensation.

Application Guidelines
An academic education and 3 years of independent professional practice are required for an individual residency at ARTCEB. An international selection committee will assess the applications.
The selection will be based on documentation of the last 3-4 years’ work and a motivation/work plan. Participants can have a regular residency only once. Returning for a second time is possible through a project residency or a residency for former participants.
A complete application consists of:

  • The online application form, all required items completed
  • Your up-to-date CV (Word or PDF only) (upload)
  • 10 images of your work (max 300kb each) with documentation list (upload)
  • Links to video (if applicable) Do not attach video files!
  • Links to audio samples (if applicable) Do not attach audio files!
  • Writing samples (if applicable, as an attachment)
  • About your practice: (Word or PDF only, maximum 150 words)
  • Initial residency proposal: (please state any specific project that you have in mind and a general outline of how you would expect to spend your residency time (Word or PDF only, maximum 300 words).

Final enrolment date
Check out the final enrolment date at the call for application.

ARTCEB functions as a laboratory where participants are encouraged to experiment with technical and artistic possibilities to develop new work. The participants are expected to perform their work with the highest possible degree of independence. Technical supervisors are available to provide expert advice. During the residency participants can have a studio at their disposal.

A separate building offers excellent accommodation with all facilities for personal care. Each artist can have a private room. Various housing possibilities are negotiable to meet your desire. Nearby are shops and the river.

Please note that there is no stipend or living allowance attached to these residencies. However we support funding requests with a letter of invitation when artists take the initiative to approach funding agencies. We also look for a direct relationship with funding bodies.
Daily expenses € 45.00 per day for goods, services and general coordination / organization for the realization of infrastructural issues including:

  • Procurement and management of supplies (for example food, bedding)
  • Use of the Artceb compound
  • Two hosts in Botopasi
  • Cook; cooks and washes the dishes
  • Wash woman; dirty clothes are washed
  • Breakfast; bread
  • Lunch; bread, fruit
  • Dinner
  • A room with a bed + a hammock for outside in the garden
  • Accommodation and workspace
  • Mosquito net
  • Linens
  • Towel

Excluded from the artist's contribution:

  • Private initiatives
  • Travels, stay and subsistence outside Botopasi.
  • Material and machinery costs. The costs for material and the use of machinery depend on the size of the work and the chosen materials or machinery.
  • Exhibition in Paramaribo rent exhibition space, publicity and opening event costs. Estimated € 150.00 per person.
  • Possible overview exhibition in The Netherlands with the results of the work period.

Not mentioned / unforeseen issues are agreed upon in consultation.

ARTCEB provides

  • Outdoor workspace
  • Exhibition in Botopasi (costs exhibition space, publicity, opening)
  • Water purification unit for drinking water
  • The organization costs for traveling in the neighborhood of Botopasi. 
  • We will also provide access to Botopasi communities for the artist.

Participants should contact the embassy or consulate in their home country to arrange their visa. A tourist visa is valid for 90 days. The participant is responsible for the visa procedure.

Example travel expenses

  • Amsterdam (Schiphol) - Paramaribo (JA Pengel) Return-flight by KLM costs between
    € 750.00 and € 1550.00
  • Estimated transportation costs in Suriname are € 200.00 pp
  • Bus from the JAP airport to Paramaribo € 20.00 pp
  • Hotel in Paramaribo € 15.00 - to € 50.00 pppn
  • Inland flight about € 100.00 or boat € 25.00

Visa requirements
We recommend a 3 months tourist visa (Multiple Entries) U.S. dollar 45.00

Artist benefits
For artists, residency opportunities provide vital development time, enabling them to take stock of their practice, explore new directions and gain inspiration from new surroundings. They also provide an opportunity to improve career prospects by:

  • Gaining support in professionalization, PR and marketing.
  • Expansion of international networks by making new contacts.
  • Gaining knowledge of other cultures.
  • Learning about developments in the international art world.

For those who have finished the individual or the project residency, there is a possibility to make a final presentation in Paramaribo Suriname and in The Netherlands.

Also in reach are:

  • Curated group exhibition opportunities at ARTOTS The Netherlands to expand your network.
  • Further professional development opportunities, including facilitated group seminars, critiques and artist visits.
  • Individual and group artist mentoring sessions.
  • Possibilities to show new work in exhibitions, open studios and other public events.


  • Various possibilities are negotiable to help tailor your residency.
  • Dutch law is applicable.
  • Being a member of Res Artis we work within the framework of their guidelines.
  • We are in close contact with and get expert advice of the Res Artis and Trans Artists organisation.

Guldenvliesstraat 4H

5211 AM ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
Telephone +31(0)610737279


Isidoor Wens, Manager Artceb International Residencies Program
Harry Wens, Manager ARTCEB compound in Botopasi



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