Deadline: 16/03/2018

Queer Geographies

Queer Geographies on Screen is an ongoing research and exhibition platform.

Queer Geographies on Screen is an ongoing research and exhibition platform for queer and transgender artists who examine spatial politics through film, video, performance and sound works.
For Queer Geographies at Anima Casa Rural, I propose to gather a group of artists interested in spatial politics who exist “in between” the urban and rural. Most visible queer art networks exist in cities, and there remains an assumption that we must leave rural places (and never return) in order to become a fully-formed urban queer subject. Still, experiences of displacement are a feature of contemporary queer life, and our places of origin remain vividly inside us as imprint, scar, pull, echo, and calling. How do these embodiments become sensible and visible within our work as artists? How can queer aesthetics and modes of making move beyond what is publicly recognized, and towards a new ethic of cultural production?
The program will include an introductory evening of short artist talks/screenings by all participants, and conversations on key ideas in queer spatial politics.

Duration of residency
 2 weeks

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Filmmaking, film recording equipment 


Studio/ workspace
 shared studio avaialble

Fees and support
$800 Cdn

Expectations towards the artist
Artists must be queer and trans friendly 

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Queer Geographies

Queer Geographies


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