Deadline: 10/02/2018

inspiration in the moroccan sahara

Get re-inspired and recharged at Cafe Tissardmine.

Description of residency program
We invite applications from artists of all disciplines to apply for the 2018 residency  program at Cafe Tissardmine.
All too often, there is the demand on artists to produce and keep producing. We don’t ask that of you, what Cafe Tissardmine is designed for is to give you time to breathe, to dream, to think and to have no demands on your time other than those you impose. We do not expect an outcome, a produced product, or some project completed. Only you can ask that of yourself. Having said that…any photos, poems, stories, even a short piece about your stay that you would be willing to share would be much appreciated!

Disciplines supported and technical information
We accept applications from all disciplines. Our supplies are limited however. We run on solar power so occasionally we are short of electricity and ask that all equipment is only charged in the day time. We have provision to show films (projector and primitive screen) but you need to provide your own computer. Generally we ask artists to bring all their supplies with them as even good quality paper is hard to find locally.
Not all practices are practical out here – for example it is not a place for internet based research. It is a place to recharge and inspire.
Water: We have hot water in the house and the guest rooms provided by solar power. The camp has en- suite bathrooms with hot water via a boiler that heats water by fire. Wood is scarce, so we light the fire once a day so the sooner you shower once it is hot the hotter it will be! Water is also scarce so we ask that you keep the showers short.
Phone and internet: We have mobile phone connection at Tissardmine but no internet connection. Your stay with us can be a rare opportunity to escape the constant connectivity of the modern world! However, for emergencies and/or longer stays, it is possible to access the internet in the nearby towns of Erfoud or Rissani, about 30kms from Café Tissardmine.
Laundry: Small loads of laundry can be washed by hand – we can provide you with tubs, soap and a kettle of hot water mushi mushkil! (No problem!) For longer stays, large items can be sent in to the laundry in Rissani (25kms from Tissardmine).

Accommodation is a single room with own bathroom. All meals are provided. Excursions and vehicle with driver are available for an extra cost. 

Studio/ workspace
We have two separate studios with courtyards which are shared between the artists. One is large (9m x 6m with a small studio attached the other about 4m x 3m. Not all artists require a studio and we have plenty of quiet spaces and places in which to work.

Fees and support
The cost of a month long residency is 850 Euro. This includes all meals, own room and bathroom and shared use of studio. For extra costs we can provide excursions/transport. We are there on hand to help you realise your project.

Expectations towards the artist
Cafe Tissardmine offers up to 8 artists a month long residency with no specific outcome required. There are opportunities to work with the children in the village and engage in village life but this is not a condition of acceptance. There are many demands put on artists and so our intention at Cafe Tissardmine is to provide a space for the artist to get re-inspired and to just breathe. The most important information we need is the reason you feel the desert is the right place for you to be. We need to get an understanding from you that you understand how isolated we are. We have access to internet but not on a regular basis and it requires some effort to get it. It is beautiful here and silent. It does not have everything “on tap” so you need to be inventive and resourceful (with some help from us).

Application information
To apply send us your CV, short biography, examples of your work and most importantly a statement no longer than one A4 page about why you want to come to Cafe Tissardmine and what you hope to achieve from your time here. Please indicate which residency you wish to attend.

Selection process
Selection by the director is primarily based not on your art but the reasons you wish to come here and your understanding of the place you are coming to. Priority is given to those artists who commit to the full three weeks. We try to be prompt with replying - and sometimes more dialogue is required before we can accept your application. The process is personal, it takes time but we try to accept within the month.

inspiration in the moroccan sahara

inspiration in the moroccan sahara


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