Deadline: 15/02/2018

Sam Rit Residency - Close and Distant

A residency focused on media, alienation; relationship in this virtual period while in a rural land.

Applications Now Open – Close and distant –
This residency program will be focused on what distance is and means in today’s life. The long distance, shortened by media and globalization at the same time somehow lengthens, stretches relationships. An entire set of media allowing us to reach everyone everywhere but making us unable to arrive to our close friends. Evaluating the impact of this on art production and artists’ productivity and its importance in everyday life.

A group of five artists from different countries will be selected to work together and share their ideas and background while familiarising with each other and having the rare opportunity of a total immersion into real rural Thai life but with the comfort and convenience of a self-contained residence with shared facilities and a support network in place. Thai culture and mindset will open its arms for you trying to make you feel part of the family, it will give an extra warm welcome meanwhile language barrier together with personal diversity will amplify the intensity of the subject making it the perfect soil in which the artwork will blossom.

Sam Rit Residency is inviting artists of all mediums, arts managers and arts workers, academics of all disciplines, researchers and students; our residency program offers the time and space for creative individuals willing to be part of a team to research and produce and exchange, recalibrate perspectives and invigorate creative energy. The applying artist must be open to collaboration and have an open mind. Be able to work with others and sometimes put aside their personal space. 

The fees for this project are 1150$(USD) for a single room and 575$(USD) each for the twin. This includes 2 day orientation with meals for the first two days, entrance fees to the Phimai Historical Park, a Thai massage, transport and a driver/interpreter. The orientation will cover places of interest and information about Sam Rit Village and the nearest town of Phimai. 
Financial Assistance to Residents:
Sam Rit Residency is a non-profit entity without government or philanthropic funding.  Proceeds from the program are put directly back into the Sam Rit community through employment and projects.  Unfortunately we are unable to provide direct financial assistance to residents.  We have however reduced the cost of the program to just cover the services we provide and offer a range of packages for residents to choose from.  We are also happy to assist residents who are applying for external funding in the form of Letters of Support.

​Applications are now being accepted until midnight Wednesday 31st of January 2018 (ICT) for 2 residencies taking place between 10 April – 10 June 2018. 

Sam Rit Residency - Close and Distant

Sam Rit Residency - Close and Distant


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