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Spend a month in Hungary

seeking artists and art projects to our 2018 TRACTOR residency season.

Founded in January 2012 D’CLINIC is an artist-run space designed to deliver a supportive community where artists can focus on their own creative practice and/or research, share skills and knowledge, interact or collaborate in a vibrant multidisciplinary environment free from constraint, harshness or formality.
We started out in Lendava, a small town in the northeast of Slovenia, but moved across the border, to Zalaegerszeg, Hungary in July 2015, and switched into new studio facilities this spring.
D’CLINIC is a space where creative experiments should be made; it strives to provide a meeting place where the guest artists are offered an opportunity to participate in an activity that is both geographically and conceptually removed from their usual studio practice.
Within the framework of TRACTOR International Artist in Residency you’ll be exposed to a unique opportunity to explore and expand your artistic ambitions. “Test” your ideas within a larger frame than your own studio. This self directed creative programme offers you the luxury of time, space and freedom to perform new body of work, research innovative ideas or just experiment with different techniques or modes of production. You can use the opportunity to interact with other artists, or use the time as a chance to re-turn to yourself and the nature – you choose.

  • We offer accommodation (single room) & single or shared studio space in an artist house situated on the outskirts of Zalaegerszeg’s city center. 
  • The studio and it’s surrounding is suitable for all kinds of initiatives; we can provide you a wide range of equipment and/or materials depending on the specific needs and complexity of the planned work. (This includes: a foundry for small-scale sculptures, a wood workshop, metal workshop, ceramics kiln & pottery wheel, print making supplies and press for lithography, etching, lino-cut, wood-cut. Screen printing equipment, recording studio...)
  • Each proposed project is discussed and agreed individually, prior to signing of the residency-agreement. 

Periods of 1 -3 months are offered, between May and October 2018

We welcome each and every passionate professional from all creative businesses, nationalities and ages. All disciplines are welcome.

TRACTOR programme provides professional development opportunities for artists and does not involve gallery-based or other set outcomes or objectives. However, each residency at D’CLINIC starts with an “meet the new artists” event, where you’ll be asked to share your artistic experiences with the peer group and other interested crowd.

  • There is a possibility to show your work within a project-exhibition at the end of the residency; or to present your work threw open studio events, presentations, readings, screening, workshops, lectures… we will help with the arrangements but, if you simply want to focus on your work that is absolutely acceptable as well.

570 eur - for a 3 week stay
1200 eur - for a 7 weeks stay
1900 eur - for an 11 weeks stay 

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Spend a month in Hungary

Spend a month in Hungary


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