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Alternative Lithography - Pronto Plates and Gum Arabic Transfer

Two kinds of lithography.

Description of residency program
Registrations are now open for our first Summer Course 2018!
Teacher: Frances Valesco
5 days workshop
July 9-13th
10 a.m. 5 p.m.

Course description
Two kinds of lithography
This workshop is designed for artists who want to investigate completely portable printmaking plates that can be used on any kind of etching or lithography press. Students will learn two types of lithography that require minimal materials. Pronto Plate is a polyester plate that can be worked with freehand drawing and painting or photo images using a photocopier or laser printer. Gum Arabic Transfer or Paper Plate Lithography is method using a paper copy as a printing plate. Both have rich possibilities to expand the potential of creating large or small prints.

Duration of residency
1 week 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Participants will experiment with the two processes on a variety of surfaces such as paper and fabric. Students are welcome to bring previously printed works (monoprint, relief, etc.) Some printmaking experience is helpful but all levels welcome.

Accommodation in the residency.
Individual or shared rooms in the apartment.

Studio/ workspace
The studio is totally equipped for printmaking.
The artists will have space to work inside the studio and outside in the garden.

Fees and support
750€ all the materials are included.

Expectations towards the artist
The artists will learn an alternative printmaking technique based in the principles of Lithography.

Application information
4 spaces still available

Alternative Lithography - Pronto Plates and Gum Arabic Transfer

Alternative Lithography - Pronto Plates and Gum Arabic Transfer


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